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Characters and enemies can be divided into one of the four weapon types.

Units with no weapon are considered Unarmed.

Circle of Carnage

Units gain a damage bonus when they have a weapon advantage over an enemy unit. This is known as the Circle of Carnage. The same bonuses apply to enemy units when they have a weapon advantage.

  • SwordIcon.png Sword units and skills deal double damage to BowIcon.png Bow units.
  • SpearIcon.png Spear units and skills deal double damage to SwordIcon.png Sword units.
  • BowIcon.png Bow units and skills deal double damage to SpearIcon.png Spear units.

StaffIcon.png Staff and Unarmed units have no advantages or weaknesses over other weapon types. However, it is important to note that staff units may have elemental attributes, which have their own advantages and weaknesses with other elements.


When pincering, the Circle of Carnage only takes into account the weapon type of the leading units' current jobs. Units chained with a pincering unit will do pincer damage according to the pincering unit's weapon type, but skills will keep their own weapon type.

When skills activate, they will use the weapon type of the skill. Skills with a weapon type different from the current job will be treated as the skill's weapon type. Some skills deal "character-weapon" damage; meaning they will refer to the current job's weapon type when dealing damage.


  • When a skill does "character-weapon damage", it takes the weapon type of the current job of the unit using the skill.
  • The Circle of Carnage does not make one weapon type "weak" against another. For example, while Sword units and skills do increased damage against Bow units, Bow units and skills will do normal damage against Sword units.
  • In version 2.9.0, skills were changed so that they do damage according to the skill's weapon type instead of the job's weapon type. [1]
    • For example, Yukken's Job 3 (Spear) using Megabow did Spear-type damage before the update. After the update, the Megabow now does Bow-type damage.
  • In Version 4.4.0, characters with no weapon type were renamed "Unarmed" in the Characters sort menu.

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