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Retired Content

This page contains content that was in a previous version of the game, but has been completely removed from the current version.

Retired content: removed in Version 5.5.0
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VS Mode allows players to challenge one another in 1v1 battles during VS Events. VS Mode content cannot be accessed when there is no VS Event under way.

Matches can be played via [Arena] > [VS Battle]. Chapter 7 must be completed to access VS Battle.

VS Events

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When there is an active VS Event, entering the [VS Battle] screen will display the player's current league, rank, points, and win percentage.


There are two types of matches that can be played in VS Mode: Ranked Match and Private Match. All matches can only be played when there is an active VS Event.

Ranked Matches are matches where players compete against each other to earn points. A ranked match can be played by selecting "Start Battle" from the main VS Battle screen. 10 VS Stamina is consumed when starting a ranked match. Ranked matches may only be played during the advertised event period.

Ranked matches usually consist of multiple leagues. With each new VS Event, all players will start from the lowest league. By earning points from ranked matches, players may advance to higher leagues and gain rewards, such as items and titles.

Players are matched according to league. Points may be gained or lost depending on the outcome of the battle.

Private Matches are unranked matches where players can share room numbers to play together. Private rooms may be freely created by selecting [Private Match] > [Host Game] and selecting a league from the current VS Event. A player can join a private match selecting [Private Match] > [Join Game] and entering the room number provided by the host.

Private matches do not consume any VS Stamina and do not award any points. However, they do count towards the VS Mode Achievements.

Private Matches can also be played during the few hours of preparation time before the start of a VS Event, and after the end of the ranking period, up until the current VS Event and ranking results are taken down.

VS Stamina

VS Stamina is a separate pool of stamina used exclusively in VS Mode. All players have the same maximum capacity of 100 VS Stamina.

VS Stamina recovers at a rate of 1 point every 3 minutes. Unlike regular Stamina, it cannot be restored with Energy.


The "Profile" screen displays the player's username, acquired titles and a history of the player's last 50 matches. The match history includes both ranked and private matches.

From the "Title Displayed" section, a player may select up to four title icons to be displayed next to their name on the Rankings screen.

Profiles of other players may only be checked by selecting their name from the "Rankings" screen.


The "Details" screen displays the rewards available from the current Cup and how to obtain them.

VS Teams

When selecting "Start Battle", the player will be allowed to set up three teams for use in VS Mode. Characters placed in these teams will still have the same active job and skill slot set-up, but equipped Companions are separate from the main squads.

Team Costs

Each Character and Companion has a set cost, which limits the number of strong characters or companions a player can bring into battle. The maximum team cost allowed will vary with each VS Event and league.

Class Cost
Z 18
SS Λ 14
SS 12
S Λ 12
S 10
A 8
B 6
C 2
D 2
Class Cost
Z 9
SS 6
S 6
A 4
B 3
C 1
D 1



Battles in VS Mode operate under the following rules:

  • Each player takes turns moving their units, with the match ending after 20 turns.
  • Each team can consist of minimum of 2 characters and a maximum of 6 characters.
  • Allies are displayed with blue borders while opponents have red borders.
  • Eidolons may be used.
  • Capsules, Powered Points, and Summon Points dedicated to each player will appear.
    • Powered Points and Summon Points appear after the end of your turn.
    • The player's objects appear in cyan, while the opponent's objects appear in orange.
    • Capsules, Powered Points, and Summon Points of the opponent cannot be used, but they can be moved.
  • Depending on the league, character levels and base stats may receive a uniform adjustment during each battle. Adjustments will be hinted at the beginning of the battle.
  • For the purpose of game balancing in VS battles, mechanics such as damage calculation and power/duration of a skill may also differ from a normal battle.
  • Suspending and resuming the App is not allowed. Any interruption of the battle will result in a forfeit.

Stat and damage adjustments

The following are general VS Mode stat and damage adjustments. Some VS Events may have additional stat or damage modifiers. See the specific event page for details.

  • HP, ATK, DEF, MATK, MDEF stats are unchanged
  • Physical damage is multiplied by 0.4
  • Magical damage is multiplied by 0.2
  • Fixed damage (e.g. Thousand Ray Sword) is multiplied by 0.5
  • Damage reduction is capped at 40%

There are also additional modifiers for the first few turns of battle.

  • Stat buffs are capped at 20% on the first turn, increasing by 5% each turn, up to 100%
  • Turn 1 - All damage multiplied by 0.2, Powered Point gauge fills at 20% of normal speed
  • Turn 2 - All damage multiplied by 0.4

Status effects

The effects and effectiveness of status effects are different in VS Mode. (Source: Terra Battle Forum)

  • Add Turn will always miss
  • Fetters instead applies a Control Time -2 reduction effect
  • Evasion's effects are halved (e.g. +50% evasion turns into +25% evasion)


  • Stat reduction (ATK/DEF/MATK/MDEF down) - 30% vulnerable
  • Reduce Life and Nullify Healing - 15% vulnerable
  • Sleep, Paralysis, Confusion, Demoralization, Poison - 11.08721% vulnerable
  • Shadowbind, Petrification - 3.128912% vulnerable
  • Icebind - 7.355744% vulnerable
  • Death - 2.758404% vulnerable

Effect duration caps:

  • Sleep, Paralysis, Confusion, Demoralization and Nullify Healing - lasts 1 turn
  • Stat reduction (ATK/DEF/MATK/MDEF down), Petrification, Shadowbind, Icebind and Control Time - lasts up to 2 turns
  • Poison - full duration

Victory criteria

Victories and Draws in VS Mode are based on the following criteria:

  • KO Victory: Win by reducing the opposing team to one member or fewer.
  • Decision Victory: Win by having more team members remaining after 20 turns.
  • Forfeit Victory: Win by a forfeit from the opponent.
  • Draw: Draw by both players dropping to one member or less at the same time or by having the same number of remaining members after no turns are left.

Losing connection during battle

If the connection drops during battle due to connectivity issues, the match ends as "Invalid" regardless of the number of turns played. When a match ends as "Invalid", VS Stamina will not be consumed and will be restored to its previous state.

However, if the connection drops in the circumstances described below, the match will immediately proceed to the results screen.

  • When a forfeit or an app exit is performed.
  • When the connection is actively disconnected.
  • When, for any reason, the data is found to have discrepancies.



A set number of points may be obtained by winning or having a draw in a Ranked Match. For matches in A league and higher, a set number of points may also be deducted when losing battles. No points are lost in B league matches.

A player is promoted to the next league once they have acquired the required points for the promotion. Once promoted to a higher league, the player's point total cannot go below the points required for that league and they will not be demoted to a lower league.

Points are also used to determine rankings during each VS Event.

Bonus points

In addition to the points gained from a victory, bonus points may be awarded by fulfilling these criteria:

  • Underdog bonus - Win or have a draw against an opponent with higher points.
  • X straight wins bonus - Win consecutively.

League promotions

Players can be promoted to higher leagues by gaining points from ranked matches. When promoted, league promotion rewards may be obtained.

The points required for league promotions and promotion rewards will differ with each event and league. The rewards for a specific event can be checked by selecting [Details] from the VS Battle screen.

Promotion rewards are sent to the message inbox upon being promoted.


Players can receive additional rewards, such as items and titles, by placing high in the total point rankings.

The rewards for a specific event can be checked by selecting [Details] from the VS Battle screen. The current top 50 players can be viewed by selecting [Ranking] from the VS Battle screen.

Ranking rewards are given to players according to their final ranking. Final ranks are tallied after the Ranked Matches are closed. The results remain available for a few days after they are posted.

Ranking rewards are sent to the message inbox after the end of the VS Event.


  • VS Mode was added in version 3.0.0; however, the [VS Battle] button could not be selected until version 3.1.0.
  • When there is no active VS Event, entering the VS Battle menu will display: "There are no ranked matches under way."
  • Version 3.5.0 changed the magical damage multiplier from 0.37 to 0.2.
  • Version 3.7.0 changed vulnerability to shadowbind from 11.08721% to 9.45278%.
    • The KO bonus was also removed in this version.
  • Version 3.8.0 added a damage reduction cap and buff cap.
  • Version 4.2.0 changed the vulnerability to shadowbind and petrification from 9.45278% to 3.128912%.
  • Version 4.7.0 added separate VS Mode team slots and team costs.