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Character/Job Item Eidolon Companion Enemy
54B2 54B2 (Enemy)
A'misandra the Medic A'misandra the Medic (Enemy)
Amimari the Saint Amimari the Saint (Enemy)
Amina the Medic Amina the Medic (Enemy)
Amina the Nurse Amina the Nurse (Enemy)
Amina the Saint Amina the Saint (Enemy)
Androclops Androclops (Enemy)
Apirath Apirath (Enemy)
Apollo Apollo (Companion)
Arachnobot Arachnobot (Enemy)
Archer Archer (Enemy)
Artemis Artemis (Companion) Artemis (Enemy)
Assassin Assassin (Enemy)
Axion Dragon Axion Dragon (Enemy)
Ba'gunar Ba'gunar (Enemy)
Bahamut Bahamut (Eidolon) Bahamut (Companion) Bahamut (Enemy)
Bahamut Omega Bahamut Omega (Enemy)
Bahamut Λ Bahamut Λ (Enemy)
Bahl ΟⅢ Bahl ΟⅢ (Enemy)
Beastfolk Archer Beastfolk Archer (Enemy)
Beastfolk Healer Beastfolk Healer (Enemy)
Beastfolk Hero Beastfolk Hero (Enemy)
Beastfolk Knight Beastfolk Knight (Enemy)
Beastfolk Mage Beastfolk Mage (Enemy)
Beastfolk Warrior Beastfolk Warrior (Enemy)
Blastosaur Blastosaur (Enemy)
Bomborg Bomborg (Companion) Bomborg (Enemy)
Cactuar Cactuar (Enemy)
Calista Calista (Enemy)
Captive Golem Captive Golem (Enemy)
Celestial Dragon Celestial Dragon (Enemy)
Chaos Chaos (Companion) Chaos (Enemy)
Chargebot Chargebot (Enemy)
Chiton Chiton (Enemy)
Chocobo Chocobo (Enemy)
Clara Clara (Enemy)
Coin Boost Coin Boost (Enemy)
Cosmic Warrior Hiso Cosmic Warrior Hiso (Enemy)
Crackling Dracorin Crackling Dracorin (Enemy)
Cryowisp Cryowisp (Enemy)
Cyberclops Cyberclops (Enemy)
Cybergolem Cybergolem (Enemy)
Dark Pegawyrm Dark Pegawyrm (Enemy)
Dark Petrifier Dark Petrifier (Enemy)
Dark Ring Dark Ring (Enemy)
Dark Tortoise Dark Tortoise (Enemy)
Devil Bat Devil Bat (Enemy)
Disarmer Disarmer (Enemy)
Doomsday Nephrite Dragon Doomsday Nephrite Dragon (Enemy)
Dracorin Dracorin (Enemy)
EXP Boost EXP Boost (Enemy)
Echo Echo (Enemy)
Electrosapper Electrosapper (Enemy)
Excalibur Excalibur (Companion)
Flamebot Flamebot (Enemy)
Floralpede Floralpede (Enemy)
Fortified Oxsecian Bulwark Fortified Oxsecian Bulwark (Enemy)
Golem Golem (Companion) Golem (Enemy)
Golem of Creation Golem of Creation (Enemy)
Golem of Destruction Golem of Destruction (Enemy)
Grace ΟⅢ Grace ΟⅢ (Enemy)
Gungnir Gungnir (Companion) Gungnir (Enemy)
Hiso Alien Hiso Alien (Enemy)
Holy Dragon Holy Dragon (Enemy)
Jade Dragon Jade Dragon (Enemy)
Jag Jag (Enemy)
Jagged Dracorin Jagged Dracorin (Enemy)
Joker Λ Joker Λ (Enemy)
King Orbling King Orbling (Companion) King Orbling (Enemy)
Kraken Kraken (Enemy)
Kujata Kujata (Enemy)
Lamia Lamia (Companion) Lamia (Enemy)
Layla Layla (Enemy)
Leonidas Leonidas (Enemy)
Leviathan Leviathan (Eidolon) Leviathan (Enemy)
Leviathan Omega Leviathan Omega (Enemy)
Leviathan Λ Leviathan Λ (Enemy)
Lich Lich (Enemy)
Lizardfolk Archer Lizardfolk Archer (Enemy)
Lizardfolk Healer Lizardfolk Healer (Enemy)
Lizardfolk Hero Lizardfolk Hero (Enemy)
Lizardfolk Knight Lizardfolk Knight (Enemy)
Lizardfolk Mage Lizardfolk Mage (Enemy)
Lizardfolk Warrior Lizardfolk Warrior (Enemy)
Lucia Lucia (Enemy)
Lucia Λ Lucia Λ (Enemy)
Luminous Jade Dragon Luminous Jade Dragon (Enemy)
Magma Mummy Magma Mummy (Enemy)
Mantle Tortoise Mantle Tortoise (Enemy)
Mantledrake Mantledrake (Enemy)
Maralme Maralme (Enemy)
Marilith Marilith (Enemy)
Masamune Masamune (Companion)
Maverick★ Maverick★ (Enemy)
Mech Orbling Mech Orbling (Enemy)
Mechaclops Mechaclops (Enemy)
Mechanic Mechanic (Enemy)
Mecharose Mecharose (Enemy)
Mechavirus 3721 Mechavirus 3721 (Enemy)
Mediscanner Mediscanner (Enemy)
Megacell Megacell (Enemy)
Mermaid Mermaid (Enemy)
Mog Mog (Enemy)
Mothbot Mothbot (Enemy)
Mutoh Λ Mutoh Λ (Enemy)
Neo Bahamut Neo Bahamut (Enemy)
Neo Leviathan Neo Leviathan (Enemy)
Neo Odin Neo Odin (Enemy)
Nephrite Dragon Nephrite Dragon (Enemy)
Ochu Ochu (Enemy)
Odin Odin (Eidolon) Odin (Companion) Odin (Enemy)
Odin Omega Odin Omega (Enemy)
Odin Λ Odin Λ (Enemy)
Onyx Dragon Onyx Dragon (Enemy)
Paralypede Paralypede (Enemy)
Pegawyrm Pegawyrm (Enemy)
Phantasmal Jade Dragon Phantasmal Jade Dragon (Enemy)
Phantasmal Nephrite Dragon Phantasmal Nephrite Dragon (Enemy)
Phi Orbling Phi Orbling (Enemy)
Phoenix Phoenix (Companion) Phoenix (Enemy)
Pig Pig (Enemy)
Pyrowisp Pyrowisp (Enemy)
R'zonand the Crimson R'zonand the Crimson (Enemy)
R'zonand the Rose Red R'zonand the Rose Red (Enemy)
R'zonand the Vermilion R'zonand the Vermilion (Enemy)
Raijin Raijin (Companion) Raijin (Enemy)
Red Starwhip Red Starwhip (Enemy)
Regenercell Regenercell (Enemy)
Relic Relic (Enemy)
Rune Rune (Companion)
Sabertooth Sabertooth (Enemy)
Sabertooth King Sabertooth King (Enemy)
Samatha Samatha (Companion)
Scar Scar (Enemy)
Senala Senala (Enemy)
Shin'en Λ Shin'en Λ (Enemy)
Shooting Star Shooting Star (Companion)
Slasher Slasher (Enemy)
Slime Slug Slime Slug (Enemy)
Snaptrap Snaptrap (Enemy)
Spike★ Spike★ (Enemy)
Spinetrich Spinetrich (Enemy)
Starwhip Starwhip (Enemy)
Steel Dragon Steel Dragon (Enemy)
Stonefolk Archer Stonefolk Archer (Enemy)
Stonefolk Healer Stonefolk Healer (Enemy)
Stonefolk Knight Stonefolk Knight (Enemy)
Stonefolk Mage Stonefolk Mage (Enemy)
Stonefolk Warrior Stonefolk Warrior (Enemy)
Storm Witch Storm Witch (Enemy)
Suzaku Suzaku (Enemy)
Thornasaurus Thornasaurus (Enemy)
Tiamat Tiamat (Enemy)
Time Extension Time Extension (Enemy)
Tonberry Tonberry (Enemy)
Trident Trident (Companion)
Triscorp Triscorp (Enemy)
Vajra Vajra (Item) Vajra (Enemy)
Valkyrie Valkyrie (Companion) Valkyrie (Enemy)
Velraine Velraine (Enemy)
Vial Chucker Vial Chucker (Enemy)
Wailing Wall Wailing Wall (Enemy)
Warrior Warrior (Enemy)
Wastecell Wastecell (Enemy)
White Sabertooth White Sabertooth (Enemy)
Whitewyrm Whitewyrm (Enemy)
Wyvern Wyvern (Enemy)
Xaepha Xaepha (Enemy)
Yukken Yukken (Companion)
Zael Zael (Enemy)
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