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Traps are obstacles on the battle map that may have negative effect on the party if a party member comes in contact with them.

Kinetic traps

Kinetic traps are traps which were first introduced in The Primordial Dragon King. They inflict constant damage when in contact.

Dimensional rifts

Dimensional rifts, also known as Warpholes, are traps that were first introduced in The Inexorable Dragon King. An unit that falls into a dimensional rift will disappear from battle for some number of turns. When the unit comes back, it receives some damage.

Time traps

Time traps, also known as Time Loss, are traps that were first introduced in Chapter 35. Moving over them reduces the control time for current turn.


Twisters, also known as Damage Air, are traps that were first introduced in Mutoh Λ (Quest). Moving over them inflicts damage. Levitating targets receive double damage from twisters.

Floor traps


  • Damage is inflicted when they explode. Moving over them causes them to explode.
  • Enemy bombs can be removed with Disarm Bomb skill.
  • Allies can create bombs with Build Bomb and Summon Bomb skills.

Venom/Toxic Bomb

Magic Bombs