It is highly recommended to create a transfer ID and password even if you do not plan on transferring your account. Save the information in a location other than on your device.

It is also recommended to save your User ID and Inquiry ID (located in Options > User Info), in case you ever need to contact support. Your User ID is also found at the top of the title screen under "ID".

Transferring an account[edit | edit source]

On your old device:

  • Go to Options > Change Devices
  • Enter a password
  • Take a screenshot or write down your User ID, Transfer ID and Password — keep this in a safe location and be sure to have a copy saved somewhere other than on your device

On your new device:

  • If the device has an existing account, either clear all data for the game or reinstall
    • If you wish to keep the existing account, be sure to create and save the transfer data for that account first
  • Select "Transfer Game Data" when starting the game
  • Enter your User ID, Transfer ID and Password

Recovering a lost account[edit | edit source]


  • User ID
  • In-game name
  • Inquiry ID
  • Current story chapter
  • Names of characters in your teams, found in Main > Party Formation

Optional, but helpful:

  • Past transfer IDs and passwords
  • Purchase receipts from Terra Battle

Contacting support:

  • Contact support through their Contact form—link found at the bottom of the Terra Battle main website
  • Select the "Data Recovery" option in your preferred language
  • Enter your email address
  • Fill out as much information as you can remember
  • If support contacts you requesting additional information, answer as much as you can
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