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Tin Parade is a Hunting Zone that is available Wednesdays and every three hours of Mondays and Fridays.


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These items are obtainable in Tin Parade.
Weapon-type Items
Tears (rare) Particles (rare)


Take on the Hunting Zone's "Tin Parade" to obtain weapon items required for job changes. You can also acquire tears and particles here. Tin monsters will head for power-up spots, so finish them off before they get there! You win if you can last the designated number of turns.

Tin Parade consists of three battles, each with a six-turn timer. The stage ends when the timer reaches zero, regardless of the number of enemies remaining. One to three new enemies of a random class—spear, sword, bow or staff—will spawn each turn. Some Tin Parade enemies are vulnerable to bombs.

A red enemy power up point will spawn randomly on the board for each stage. Enemies will spawn opposite the power up point and more toward it each turn. Any enemy that reaches this point will glow red, gain increased damage resistance and unleash a powerful attack the next turn. Attacks include an elemental column or row attack for casters, a homing missile for archers, and lateral/vertical physical attacks for warriors/knights. Enemies will lose the power up after executing the attack.

On the last floor, the Tin King boss may spawn. He will remain immobile in the center of the map. He uses Tornado each round, which alternates between row and column, damaging as well as repositioning affected squad members.



Particles only drop from Zone 2 and Zone 3.

Drop rates are displayed below as (Zone 1 / Zone 2 / Zone 3).

Source: Terra Battle Forum


Version 5.5.0 moved all Tin Parade quests to the Huntland.

Tin Parade
Enemies Tin ArtilleryTin DarkcasterTin ElectrocasterTin Fencer
Tin FlamecasterTin FrostcasterTin Knight
Bosses Tin King
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