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The Last Story quest is part of a collaboration event with Mistwalker's Wii game, The Last Story. The quest may be accessed from [Arena] > Special Quests.

The quest features characters, settings, and music from The Last Story. The story from the quest picks up after the ending of the original game. It has a branching storyline, as well as five different endings. Branches and endings are influenced by actions taken by the player during battles.

Possible rewards from the quest include The Last Story characters Zael and Calista as S Class Adventurers. The re-release of the quest added Celestial Envoy as an SS Class Companion.

The full text from the quest's story can be found here: The Last Story/Story


The Last Story
Stamina Cost: 40
Difficulty: 65
Battles: 10
SwordIcon.png: 1 BowIcon.png: 21 SpearIcon.png: 0 StaffIcon.png: 25 Skill icon 136.png: 0 Skill icon 137.png: 0
FireIcon.png: 5 IceIcon.png: 6 LightningIcon.png: 0 DarkIcon.png: 0 Skill icon 113.png: 0 Skill icon 114.png: 0


There are five different endings to the quest. The possible branches for each battle that leads to different endings is summarized below. In battles 1-9, branch A will lead to endings that give rewards, while branch B leads to Contrary Fate. Note that after reaching battle 5B, it's not possible to go back to branch A.

  • Battle 1
    • Next battle:
  • Battle 2A
    • Syrenne will not flee before battle starts.
    • Next battle:
      • 3A if Syrenne is kept alive
      • 3B otherwise
  • Battle 2B
    • Syrenne will flee before battle starts.
    • Next battle: 3B
  • Battle 4A
    • Next battle:
      • 5A if battle ends within 5 turns
      • 5B otherwise
  • Battle 4B
    • Next battle:
      • 5A if battle ends within 3 turns
      • 5B otherwise
  • Battle 5A
    • Next battle: 6A
  • Battle 5B
    • Next battle: 6B
  • Battle 6A
    • Has 6 Golems
    • Next battle:
      • 7A if at least 4 Golems are killed with Yurick's magic
      • 7B otherwise
  • Battle 6B
  • Battle 7A
    • Next battle: 8A
  • Battle 7B
    • Next battle: 8B
  • Battle 8A
    • Ally Lowell will show up.
    • Next battle:
      • 9A if battle does not end before the 6th turn.
      • 9B otherwise
  • Battle 8B
    • Ally Lowell will not show up.
    • Next battle: 9B
  • Battle 9A
    • Mitra will show up.
    • Next battle:
      • 10A if Zael is not killed
      • 10B otherwise
  • Battle 9B
    • Mitra will not show up.
    • Next battle: 10C
  • Battle 10A
  • Battle 10C
    • Ending: Contrary Fate


  • Battle 7A/7B

Battle layouts

Note: Only branch A of battles 1-9 are shown. The (undesirable) branch B version of those may be slightly different.


These are the possible rewards depending on the ending:

The Blind Fate and Contrary Fate endings do not give any rewards. Detailed requirements of the other endings are given in the sections below. Additional recruitments of Zael and Calista will grant them a +3% skill boost.


Swords are recommended, as most enemies will be Staves or Bows. Spears will take double damage on many floors, while Bows will have a weakness on only one floor. Magic (including elemental weapons) will not deal as much damage as swords. A healer should also be in the party, as it is a long dungeon. Elemental damage is needed for floor 9 if you are attempting to get Perfect/Alternate Fate endings.




Not recommended

  • Any additional mages and elemental weapon users outside the single unit needed for floor 9.

Perfect Fate

Up to two secret characters can be recruited by fulfilling a series of conditions.

Spoilers: This section contains spoilers for the secret rewards of the quest.

To recruit both Zael and Calista : (Guide by Threestarz, see comments below to thank him)

Overall condition

Finish the whole dungeon (all 10 floors combined) with total CONTROL TIME (time spent dragging your units in your turn) of 50 seconds or less. As a marker, one full, non-extended control time bar is 4 seconds. If you only swipe near and fast, it can take as low as 0.4 seconds from my experience in looking at the time counter in puppet show. (I never had anything lower than 0.4 seconds no matter how near the distance or how fast I swipe. Might be the limit of the game.) So move fast whenever possible, as if you are playing the Puppet Show zone, and prefer small pincers with quick, straight movements over large pincers with more complex movements.

If you fail this condition but still do the dungeon according to the requirements below, you will get only Calista.


There should be at least two very strong physical units, such as Bahl, Ma'curi, S'naip, and Suoh. A Circle manipulator (Ka'pori, Manmer, Djugan) can use Augment Circle to make all units of the same weapon very strong.

There should be at least one unit with Magical damage, to pass the condition on floor 9. Prefer units with many Magical attacks, rather than a few strong attacks. Ba'gunar, which every player receives in the story, has four elemental attacks, one which can be activated in chain and thus hit multiple times a turn. Leviathan and Bahamut, two Arena recruits, have up to five spells each when fully trained.

Control Time is mostly unnecessary, and relying on it will make it difficult, to say the least, to achieve the movement time condition. You can bring one just in case, but rethink your strategy so that it isn't necessary.

Basic team composition:

*If you can kill Calista on Floor1 in 1 turn with a pincer consist of just 4 units, it's a good indicator that you have a strong enough physical DPS team to get Perfect Fate.

  • Physical attacker
  • Physical attacker
  • Physical attacker
  • Physical attacker or second magical attacker
  • Magical attacker
  • Healer. Heal All highly recommended, as some enemies can hit every ally at once.

Floor 1

  • Guest: Zael
  • Victory: Defeat Calista.
  • Condition (recommended): Do not let Zael hit Calista with an attack.
    • Zael cannot pincer Calista directly, nor hit her with his skills (vertical and horizontal slashes, activated on chain). If he does, Calista will say "!!".
    • Zael can be chained without failing the condition.
    • A player's Zael will not count for the condition.
  • Success text (page 14): "Guess they won't just accept an apology at this point."
  • Failure text (page 14): "It's hopeless, there are too many of them."
  • Time: Finish this floor quickly, or you can be overwhelmed.

If Calista was hit by any of Zael's attacks or pincered by Zael, it is still possible to get Perfect Fate, but the Floor 4 condition will be more strict.

It is best to finish Calista in one or two turns. Make a fast vertical pincer and don't worry about getting everyone into the chain.

Floor 2

If the Floor 1 condition was failed, Syrenne will flee before battle starts, and the Floor 2 condition can't be fulfilled. It is still possible to get Perfect Fate, but the Floor 4 condition will be more strict.

Floor 3

  • Time: Wipe out several enemies quickly, then use short movements to finish the floor and set up for the next.

No requirements. Clear the floor to advance.

Preparing for the next floor: Set up your units to pincer two of the enemies on the next floor.

Floor 4

The Venomous Ghoul enemy will put up a shield every other turn, rendering it nearly impervious to damage. This means there are only three turns where it is vulnerable, or two turns for the harder condition.

Preparing for the next floor: Try to set up for pincering the middle row, or two middle rows if possible. Spawning enemies will push your units to the left, then the top, so put two units near the right edge and two units that can be pushed into the left edge position.

Floor 5

No requirements. Clear the floor to advance.

Preparing for the next floor: Put a unit right below the spawn location of the next floor's middle enemy, and have a PP next to it for a vertical pincer on that enemy. This allows Yurick a short path to a vertical pincer, and his Inferno with a Powered Point will guarantee three Yurick kills right away.

Floor 6

  • Guest: Yurick
  • Condition: Kill at least four Golems (ice) with Yurick's magic.
    • Yurick's magic must deal the final blow. He has an AoE(self) and a 1% spell which hits random squares. Both of his spells fail to OHKO an enemy by themselves, so you should use PP or lead a pincer with him.
  • Success: "Well, we made it...somehow."
  • Failure: "They didn't stand a chance!"
  • Time: After the initial pincer, feel free to finish the rest off with flicks.

The monsters here (6 in total) are vulnerable to Fire and absorb Ice. Yurick must kill at least 4 enemies. For an easier time, use a Powered Point to activate his Meteor. Any leftover enemies can be killed with his Inferno (area 1).

Chain order matters. If an enemy is at 0HP by the time it is hit by Inferno or Meteor, it doesn't count as Yurick's kill. For best results, use Yurick to lead a pincer from the bottom or left side of an enemy so that his skills activate first. (See this chain order guide.)

The Golems won't move until there is only one left, so it is safe to make fast, weak moves.

Floor 7

No requirements. Clear the floor to advance.

Floor 8

Nullify Healing will be cast on the party at the start of the battle. Though the condition can be fulfilled in six turns, it is recommended that the battle not be completed until the ninth turn, when Nullify Healing runs out.

The Muruks will move and use Breath to knock away units without doing damage. If one is left as the last enemy, it will cast Inferno Breath, All every turn.

The Golems (fire) will not move, and they will alternate between Inferno, Vertical(2) and Inferno, Horizontal(2). If one is the last enemy, it will randomly cast one of its two Inferno spells, and then try to move between your units for the next cast.

Ideally, leave two Golems alive, so that they won't move, and can be pincered and killed when ready. Be sure to set up for the next floor in those nine turns. If you need help with the initial placement of enemy units in all floors, see here. (Courtesy of Brakkis at Terra Battle Club.)

This floor does not require big movements, and very little movement time should be spent after the initial pincer. Lowell casts a Fire shield on the units around him which will help keep them alive without healing, and his ice damage can be enough to kill Golems.

Preparing for the next floor: Have units near the top-right corner, so they are ready to take down Mitra. You may want to keep bows away from the very top row, as they will be hurt by Zael's first Sword attack.

Floor 9

If you do floor 4, 6, and 8 right, Mitra will appear. Kill Mitra to advance to the next floor but Zael must not be killed.

There are two main strategies to quickly kill this floor.

  1. Kill the sparks first, as they will continue to spawn as long as one is left.
  2. Surround Mitra, keep it locked in place, and defeat it in a few turns.

In either case, setting up should be done on the previous floor, where it is safe to make small, quick movements to get into the desired positions.

To remove Mitra's damage mitigation barrier, hit it with 9 instances of magical damage (including leeching attacks). If, for example, Pizfer unleashes 5 different magic skills in one pincer, you only have to do 4 more instances to nullify Mitra's barrier, not 8 more. If Mitra doesn't levitate anymore, it means the barrier has been removed.

Floor 10

Kill the boss to win the battle. You need to use Zael as pincer lead when last hitting the boss, so keep him alive. The minions in this floor buffs the boss' DEF and MDEF by a large amount(150% of DEF and MDEF each) when adjacent to the boss (it also buff other minions that are adjacent to it, which is why the minions on the boss' corners are more tanky). The minions can also call for minion reinforcements when some minions are killed so you may need to kill as many minions as you can at once to reduce the boss' defenses. However, new minion reinforcements will not move immediately, so there is a slight delay until the boss' defenses are buffed again. When the boss is at low health (about 30% or less), it will call up to 6 more minion reinforcements, but as written earlier they will not move immediately and won't buff the boss' defenses if they are not positioned adjacent to the boss, so at that point it might be better to ignore them and just kill the boss fast.

Enjoy the ending. If you do the above correctly, you should get both Zael and Calista (Perfect Fate). If you get Calista but not Zael (Alternate Fate), it means you take longer than 50 seconds of drag time in total. If you get nothing, it means you didn't fulfill some of the requirements above (Contrary Fate if Mitra did not appear on floor 9; Blind Fate if you killed Zael on floor 9 or Zael did not hit Calista on the last turn).


  • There is no level cap for this event, so if you're having a hard time, level up your squad for an easier time.
  • High physical damage dealers are preferred. Mages don't hit as hard as usual here except in battles 6 and 8. Sword wielders are preferable as all of the monsters in this dungeon use either bow or staff (except when encountering a boss in battle 9, he uses sword); but keep non-physical damage source for floor 9.
  • Zael and Calista may still be recruited even if energy is used to revive the party. (contributed by Vitiosa. See comments below for more details)
    • Recruiting Zael or Calista again will give the respective character +3% skill boost.

Visionary Fate

The requirements for Visionary Fate is the same as Perfect Fate except for battles 9 and 10, and that recruited Zael and Calista in their job 3 are in your party. In battle 9A, Zael must be killed instead of Mitra, which will lead to battle 10B. In battle 10B, Zael and Calista, both at their job 3, must lead the final pincer to kill the boss Sentinel Beast Calista within 8 turns. If this last pincer is a horizontal pincer, Zael must be on the left and Calista on the right. If it's a vertical pincer, Zael must be on the bottom and Calista on top.

Note that the final pincer must be done using the recruitable character Zael, not the NPC ally Zael. If the boss is killed by a (magic) bomb after the final pincer, it will not result in Visionary Fate.

Unlike Perfect Fate, there is no drag time requirement.


  • The event originally lasted from April 23 to May 31, 2015, but it was extended on May 22 to last until June 30, 2015.
  • The event was re-released on December 24, 2015 and lasted until January 31, 2016 at 00:00 UTC.
    • This added an additional ending and the Celestial Envoy companion to the quest.

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