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Terra Battle combines the design, music, and artwork of some of the greatest JRPG talents ever assembled to create a fantastic world filled with strange creatures and brave warriors in search of the truth. Who is the Maker? What role does he play in this world? A group of heroes will travel to the ends of the earth to find out...

Welcome to the Official Terra Battle wiki! This is an ongoing database for fans of the game, by fans of the game, that contains everything there is to know about Terra Battle.


Terra Battle is a tile based strategy game where the player's customizable party fights against groups of various enemies. Players attack enemies by sandwiching them between two allies, though other party members can increase the damage done by being aligned correctly with the attacking units.

Circle of Carnage

Units are broken into four types, sword, archer, spear, and magic. Sword type does additional damage to archer type, archer type does additional damage to spear type, and spear type does additional damage to sword type. Mage types are generally weaker, but have more powerful AOE attacks and other special spells/abilities.


Stamina determines how many missions you can attempt. The cost for each mission varies, though stamina recovers naturally at one point every five minutes. Stamina can be fully replenished for one energy point. Each new player starts with the ability to have a maximum of 20 stamina. You can increase this amount by completing the game chapters.

Building Squads

Up to six units can be placed in a squad, and a diverse mix of unit types is suggested in order to maximize your ability to use the "Circle of Carnage". Having a healer in your group is also heavily encouraged, as units initially have no way of directly healing themselves. You are allowed to save and modify up to ten different squads.

Job Change & Job Skills

Named Units in Terra Battle can be advanced with the right combination of items and coins. Once a unit is advanced, they unlock a new set of Job Skills that they can learn. Note that you will still need to gather the necessary experience to use and unlock these new Job Skills in battle. See the items page for information on how to acquire these materials.

Metal Zone and Hunting Zone

The Metal Zone is a special area that opens for a limited amount of time but allows for rapid experience gain. Players must defeat special enemies as quickly as possible, as they will flee the board after two turns.

The Hunting Zone is an area used to farm the special materials used for Adding Jobs to characters. Depending on the day, the type of combat you experience in the Hunting Zone will be different.

Floor Traps and Hazards

Floor Traps and Hazards are environmental threats that do damage to your units if you move over them. While some threats, like spikes and lava pits are stationary, bombs and ooze move around behind enemy units, constantly repositioning themselves.

Remedy/Support Classes

Remedy or Support classes are characters who specialize in removing and inflicting status ailments. They are generally used to counter enemies who use lots of poison, sleep, or confusion attacks. They also are used to buff your units to resist hazards like spikes and bombs. They traditionally do little damage are generally not capable of healing, making them a situational choice.