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Status Effects refer to buffs and ailments that affect characters and enemies in battle. Most bosses are immune to status ailments.

Success rate

Buffs have a 100% chance of landing on their intended targets as long as the buff is activated. Positional-based buffs requires a pincer attack to happen for the game to recognize the position.

Debuff skills all have a chance to inflict, but there are more hidden variables. First, the debuff skill has to activate. Some skills have a 100% activation rate, but most tend to be around 30%. Second, each debuff skill has a hidden infliction chance. For example, Ba'gunar's Paralyzing Blade only has an 80% infliction chance. Third, every enemy has a hidden status ailment vulnerability (usually <100%). For example the Wee Orbling from the tutorial stages have a 80% vulnerability to all status ailments. Therefore, if Ba'gunar's Paralyzing Blade activates, it will have a 64% (= 80% * 80%) chance to be paralyzed. Some enemies, like those in metal zones are extra vulnerable to paralysis. Metal Zone 3 runners have a Paralysis vulnerability of 400%, so as long as Ba'gunar's skill activates, it will paralyze the runner that it hits. Powered Points will increase the activation chance to 100%, but won't change the infliction chance.


  • Skill icon 03.png Attack Up - Increase attack. Can be an equip, temporary (2 turns), or position-based.
  • Skill icon 04.png Defense Up - Increase defense. Can be an equip, temporary (2 turns), or position-based.
  • Skill icon 24.png Magic Attack Up - Increase magic attack. Can be an equip, temporary (2 turns), or position-based.
  • Skill icon 26.png Magic Defense Up - Increase magic defense. Can be an equip, temporary (2 turns), or position-based.
  • Elemental Damage Down - Decrease damage from the given element. Can be an equip, temporary (3 turns), or position-based.
  • Skill icon 01.png Regen - Unit recovers some HP at the start of a turn for 3 turns.
  • Skill icon 32.png Levitation - Unit takes no damage from ground traps or ground based attacks like Avalanche or Maelstrom. Can be an equip or temporary (3 turns).

Status ailments

Many skills involve status ailments. They can be inflicted onto enemy units, a unit can cure an ailment from itself or other units, or a unit can guard against that ailment from being inflicted in the first place. Characters with Guard skills have a 50% resistance to the status effect. Characters with the Ward skills are 100% resistant to the status effect. Typically, the ones with Ward skills also have access to skills that will cure the whole party of the ailment, or prevent it in the case of Death.


Unit is damaged at the start of a turn for 3 turns. Venom is a stronger version of Poison that deals more damage each turn.


Unit falls asleep and is unable to move or attack for 3 turns. Enemy units will not act, and their action timers will not decrease after you take a turn. Deep Sleep is a stronger version of Sleep, where the enemy will not wake when it is damaged.


Unit is paralyzed and unable to move or attack for 3 turns. Enemy units will not act and their timers will not decrease after you take a turn.


Unit cannot be controlled and will randomly move around the field at the end of the player's turn. Confused units will neither initiate pincer attacks, nor participate in chains, even if placed accordingly by chance.


Unit's attack stat and skill activation rate reduced to 0. Magic attack is unaffected, and skills will still activate through the use of a Powered Point.


Unit turns into stone and cannot move or be moved. Chaining is not blocked if the petrified character is in line with the chain.

Instant Death

Target takes damage equal to target's remaining health.

Doom also inflicts instant death after its timer reaches 0.


Unit cannot move or act, removes Levitation, and deals damage at the start of the turn.

*Shadowbind was originally named Gravity. In Patch 4.0.0, it was renamed because of the introduction of the Graviton attribute.


Unit cannot move or act, and being pincered causes unit to die.


Scorched units damage the other unit swapping with them by 50% of their current HP. This can KO a unit if it is swapped too many times.

Swapped unit
Not Scorched Scorched
Not Scorched - Swapped unit damaged
Scorched Mover damaged Both units damaged


Chaining the affected unit will severely reduce all allies' ATK/DEF/MATK/MDEF.

Multiple ailments


Skill icon 89.png Panacea cures Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Confusion, Demoralization, Petrification, Icebind, and Shadowbind. It does not cure Scorch or Lunacy, and does not remove debuffs, like reduced skill activation (inflicted by Seed, and Odin (Boss)), nor Nullify Healing.

Multiple guards

  • Skill icon 101.png Ribbon - 50% resistance to Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Confusion, Demoralization, Petrification, Icebind, Shadowbind, Scorch, Lunacy, and Instant Death

Multiple inflict

Some characters have skills that can inflict multiple status ailments at once.

  • Skill icon 96.png Fickle Birds - Inflicts poison, sleep and demoralization
  • Skill icon 88.png Plague - Inflicts poison, sleep and confusion


There are many Monsters that can inflict or remove Status effects. Most players will have removal covered due to Palpa being available through the story, but status effects can be useful against certain bosses or in the Metal Zone.

Note: Even if the skill activates, different skills have different inherent infliction chances.

Status Skill Inflction % Unit
Poison Poison Sting, 30% (3 turns) 100% Triscorp LV20
Poison Vial, Area (2), 100% (3 turns) 30% Vial Chucker LV15
Green Spores, Area (2), 100% (3 turns) 30% Starwhip LV15
Sleep Rose Thorn, 30% (3 turns) 100% Mecharose LV20
Sleeping Gas, Area (2), 100% (3 turns) 30% Mech Orbling LV1
Sleeping Gas, Pincer Area, 30% (3 turns) 100% Cybergolem LV45
Petrify None - None
Demoralize Demoralize, Area (2), 100% (3 turns) 30% Floralpede LV20
Demoralize, Area (1), 30% (3 turns) 100% Electrosapper LV35
Paralyze Paralyze, 30% (3 turns) 100% Paralypede LV 1
Paralyze, Area (2), 30% (3 turns) 75% Paralypede LV 35
Paralyzing Dust, Area (2), 100% (3 turns) 30% Mothbot LV15
Paralyzing Tentacles, Pincer Area, 30% (3 turns) 100% Kraken LV65
Confuse Confuse, 30% (3 turns) 100% Flamebot LV30
Garbage, Area (2), 100% (3 turns) 30% Wastecell LV20
Death Chaos Blade, 30% 100% Lich LV35