Star Crystal is an item used to strengthen King Orbling.

Usage Edit

Strengthen Eidolons Edit

Used in quantites of 3.

Drop locations Edit

  • King Orbling:
    • King Orbling (Blue) (20%)
    • King Orbling (Red) (25%)

Trivia Edit

Eidolon Items
General The Emperor The EmperorThe Hierophant The Hierophant
Weapon / Attribute Knight of Swords Knight of SwordsKnight of Spears Knight of SpearsKnight of Bows Knight of BowsKnight of Wands Knight of Wands
The Sun The SunThe Moon The MoonJudgment JudgmentThe Tower The Tower
Knight of Chalices Knight of ChalicesKnight of Pentacles Knight of Pentacles
Seal of Favor Seal of FavorSeal of Intimacy Seal of Intimacy
Unique Balmung BalmungCelestial Bow Celestial BowCodex Runicus Codex RunicusHarpe HarpeHotarumaru HotarumaruNaegling NaeglingNightbloom NightbloomRaikiri RaikiriSacred Mirror Sacred MirrorStar Crystal Star CrystalTyrfing TyrfingVarunastra Varunastra
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