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This page is dedicated to those crazy players, like myself, who are either on a mission to max their skill boost (SB) % for the purpose of getting all the adventurers or to just make sure they don't pull specific duplicates anymore.

The mechanics of how you can increase your SB is already detailed on the Skills page, so here I'll just focus on SB farming and my own observations for what works.

Important Points

  • Characters that have skills in each activation phase; Attack/Buff, Heal/Remedy, Capsule, Counter have more opportunities to gain a Skill Up than those who simply have a lot of attacks.
    • Also keep in mind that skills with a low probability of activation have a better chance of triggering a Skill Up.
      • Example: Gigojago's Ice Arrows skill has an 80% activation chance, so it will proc more often than his Glacial Arrows that only has a 30% activation chance. But Glacial Arrows has a higher chance of triggering the Skill Up. For more information on how these mechanics work, see the Skills page.
  • Job 3 is usually not the optimal job for SB farming as it generally includes at least two equipped skills which do not factor into Skill Ups (exception for counters).
  • Mages tend to skill up quickly, but they also tend to kill too many enemies with their AOE attacks. When working on increasing your SB, AOEs work against you as the goal of SB farming is to kill each enemy in an attack that chains all 6 team members together. This means that 4 enemies should provide 4 opportunities for all 6 of your characters to attack and possibly gain a Skill Up. If your mage kills all 4 enemies in one shot, you've just lost 3 potential chances to increase your SB.
    • Limit your mages' AOEs to one or two and fill the rest of their skills with Buffs, Heals or Capsules depending on the character.
      • Example: Daiana's Job 2 is a Bow. Her single area (1) bow skill and mantle strike from Job 1 cover her attack phase while minimizing the chance that she'll nuke the screen and kill everything.
  • Stonefolk children (Pahrl, Korin, Kem, Pupropé, Pupropu) are an SB farmer's best friends. Each possesses a specialized skill that increases the skill activation for allies in their respective weapon group by 20%.
    • When you're starting out, these skills are amazingly helpful as the beginning of SB farming can be incredibly slow since the whole process is based on how often your skills activate. What you need to remember is that you don't want these characters to reach 100% SB because you will need them throughout your farming to help characters as you start working on their SB. If you allow your Stonefolk children to reach 100% they become a wasted spot in your SB farming line-up.
      • Once your team members reach an SB of about 40 or 50% or a point where their skills are activating without issue, remove your Stonefolk child from your line-up until you start working with a new character of the given weapon type.
    • Other characters with this type of skill are Gegonago, Yulia, Zafitte, Suoh, and Zael, though these are either chained or adjacent skills depending on the character.
  • Do you intend to continue pulling new characters while you Skill Up those you have? If so:
    • Keep in mind that B and A rank adventurers have a higher probability of being pulled, and they only provide a 5% SB gain, while S/SS and Z rank duplicates provide a 10% and 12% SB gain respectively. Let your dupes work for you. Focus on grinding through the A and B ranks and let your duplicate S or SS pulls fill the SB of your higher rank characters.
    • Focus on adventurers that will Skill Up faster, meaning those that have skills in multiple activation phases.
  • Lastly, if you're on a quest to complete the Pact of Fellowship, don't bother working on the SB for Seiryu, Sheena, Camellia, Suoh, Maralme, Velraine or Jaguna as their SBs will reach 100% when you complete PoF.


With update 2.9.0 Companions are available and can be used to add an additional Phase for characters that only have one or add skills with a high Skill Up probability to those who have a bad skillset like O'pari.

Unlike character skills, where a low activation skill has a higher chance of triggering a Skill Up, Companion skill activation is NOT a factor in determining Skill Up chances. This means that you can raise your Companion's activation to its max and still have the same odds of triggering a Skill Up.

Rather than go through the Skill Up mechanic, here's a list of the Companions that can actually be useful for SB purposes.

  • Additional Phase Companions (Best to Worst)
    • White Candle (CoT Only) = 6% chance of Skill Up
    • White Lamp (CoT Only) = 6% chance of Skill Up
    • Ochu (FF Mobius Collaboration) = 6% chance of Skill Up (*requires pincer*)
    • Healing Rod (CoT or Evolve) = 2% chance of Skill Up
    • Healing Wand (CoT or Evolve) = 2% chance of Skill Up
    • White Pendant* (CoF or Evolve) = 2% chance of Skill Up
    • Healing Ring* (CoF) = 2% chance of Skill Up
  • High Skill Up Chance Companions (Best to Worst)

* Healing Ring / White Pendant / Demon's Chronicle have a max activation of 30/50/50% respectively, all other Companions on this have a max activation of 100%.

** Thanks to Tharos at TBF for all the Datamining Info, a condensed version can be seen below in a post from Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle.

Farming Locales

  • BEST: Chapter 1-4 & Chapter 1-5 are hands down the best SB farming spots. AOEs on either stage can be tricky as all enemies on these stages will die in a single hit. Prior to update 3.2.0, 1-4 allowed for a faster clear time resulting in more activations per hour. Post 3.2.0 Chapter 1 enemies now have random spawn points which appears tip the scales in favor of 1-5.
  • Alternate (for monster farmers): Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 can be used to Skill Up with a relatively good stamina to Skill Up return, and you'll be able to farm several different monsters at the same time for those of you trying to complete PoF.
  • Alternate 2 (for those having absolutely horrible luck getting Skill Ups): Chapter 6-5's boss, Arachnobot, summons wave after wave of Arachnolings. By focusing on the adds and leaving the boss alone you can remain in this single battle until all of your team members have reached their 0.2% SB increase.
  • Alternate 3 (for those who spend their weekends farming coins): Coin Creeps Zone 3 is home to the Coin Creep Bomber who will summon one bomb each turn. These bombs can be attacked just like any other enemy and you can gain Skill Ups against them until your whole team has their 0.2% gain.
  • Alternate 4 (if 1-4/1-5 are too tedious for you and you don't care about coins or have lots of 0.0% characters): The combination of triggering a Power Point every turn along with an average of 15-20 total pincers for 10 stamina makes Coin Creeps Zone 1 a decent (yet inferior) option for farming boosts. My experience with a team of 5 Chronicles and 1 Ochu resulted in 0.2% increases for all of my characters on almost every run with minimal effort and without relying on respawns. This is especially effective during Half Stamina events featuring Coin Creeps.

Team Composition

  • At least 2 adventurers whose attack skills can't be activated from the chain. You will use these two units to initiate every pincer attack, leaving the rest of your team to activate their skills in the chain.
  • Fill the other 4 spots with any combination you prefer, but make sure they have as many activated skills (i.e. not "Equip" skills) as possible, ranging into as many activation phases as possible.


Line your six characters along the top or bottom of the screen. This means that the enemy will only be able to approach you from one side. As soon as an enemy reaches your line, you move one character out to form the pincer, leaving the other five members of your team in place to be part of the chain. By this method you can ensure that every member of your team will be part of every attack you do. As you get comfortable, you'll figure out how to conserve turns and how to attack multiple enemies in a single round while still ensuring that all your team members attack every enemy.

Adventurer Rankings

Adventurer Rankings by number of pincers needed to achieve 100.0% SB from 0%. Those closer to the top need less than those listed below them. Gugba is listed twice as with Earthquake(WE) equipped and without Earthquake(WoE).

Fastest Growth
5000 - 8000 turns
  • Jennish
  • Jennish Λ
  • Lewto
  • Lewto Λ
  • Piz'fer
  • Piz'fer Λ
  • Zerro
  • Zerro Λ
  • Olber Λ
  • Olber
  • Pupropu
  • Pupropé
  • Gugba (WE)
Fast Growth
8000 - 11000 turns
  • Rikken
  • A'misandra
  • Y'apkar
  • Amina
  • Ba'gunar
  • Kuscah
  • Sorman
  • Jaguna
  • A'misandra Λ
  • Yukken Λ
  • Kem
  • Korin
  • Pahrl
  • Gigojago
  • Daiana
  • Yukken
  • Zenzoze
  • Koko
  • Sh'berdan
  • Koko Λ
  • A'merpact
  • Kana
  • R'zonand
  • Bonna
  • Zeera
  • Gaiga
Normal Growth
11000 - 15000 turns
  • Amimari
  • Calista
  • Invincible
  • Bahamut
  • Leviathan
  • Sheena
  • Manmer
  • Ellvern
  • Palpa
  • Zafitte
  • Gatz
  • Eileen
Slow Growth
15000 - 20000 turns
  • Bajanna
  • Metupí
  • Nakupí
  • Samupí
  • Suoh
  • Grace
  • Ka'pori
  • Ma'curi
  • Pupru
  • Bahl
  • Zael
  • Djugan
  • Harold
  • S'naip
  • Yulia
  • Zuzu
  • Zan
  • Alika
  • Samatha
  • Samatha Λ
  • Czekras
  • Odin
  • Sha'plar
  • U'nasag
  • Amazora
  • Maralme
  • Velraine
  • Gugba (WoE)
  • Lunato
  • Lunaken
  • Ra'prow
  • Camellia
  • Gegonago
  • Burbaba
  • Rejin
Slowest Growth
20000 - 25000 turns
  • Opari