Silver Wing
No. 78
Class S
Level Required 25
Upgrade EXP 1,812 × Level
Sell Price 300 × Level
Silver Wing Icon other 01.png
Silver Wing.png
LV 1 60
ATK - -
DEF 1 30
MATK - -
MDEF - -
Skill Freq. 30% 100%
SB Freq. 100% (SB chance: 2%)
Total EXP 1,087,359
Skill icon 32.png Levitation, Area(2)
Chain: Levitation, 3 turns
Evolve Companion

Description[edit | edit source]

When flung high into the sky, this wing melts away from atmospheric pressure and scatters, sending mystical silver grains raining down from above. It's said that those bathed in this silver shower are instantly freed from the bonds of gravity.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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