Sasuke's Sword
No. 404
Class SS
Level Required 1
Upgrade EXP 1 × Level
Sell Price 300,000 × Level
  • AndApp pre-registration gift code
Sasuke's Sword SwordIcon.pngSkill icon 98.png
Sasuke's Sword.png
LV 1 1
ATK 10 10
DEF 5 5
MATK 10 10
MDEF 5 5
Skill Freq. 75% 75%
SB Freq. 30% (SB chance: 6%)
Total EXP -
Skill icon 100.png Sasuke's Cross, Cross (All)
Unleashes physical and non-elemental magic attacks.
Chain: Inflict x1.5 non-elemental and x1.5 character-weapon damage.
Evolve Companion

Description[edit | edit source]

A sword loved by ambitious new recruits and experienced warriors alike.

How you use this prestigious sword is up to you.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Added in Version 4.6.0.
  • This companion was made available to users who pre-registered for the desktop version of Terra Battle on AndApp. Upon release, pre-registered users were given a gift code to use in-game. The code expires on July 7, 2017.
    • This companion is not limited to the desktop version, as players are able to transfer their existing mobile account to the desktop version to apply the gift code.
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