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Evolve characters by recoding their DNA using items and monsters as catalysts.

Recode DNA is a feature that can be used to upgrade certain characters to Lambda (Λ) characters. These characters are considered a separate unit and may be owned alongside their non-recoded versions. Recode DNA can be accessed from the [Tavern].

During events, some recoded adventurers may also be recruited directly from the Pact of Truth or Pact of Fate (energy). Recoded characters that have been recruited from the Pact of Truth have the same properties as characters obtained through recoding, but start at base level with 0% skill boost and 0 Luck.

Eligible Characters

See Category:Recodeable, Category:Recoded and Recode DNA/Comprehensive List.

The following Adventurers may also be obtained directly from the Pact of Fellowship:

Invincible Λ, Seiryu Λ

The following Adventurers have not been made available in pact events:

Bahamut Λ, Dracorin Λ, Echo Λ, Lacuma Λ, Leviathan Λ, Lich Λ, Lucia Λ, Marilith Λ, Mizell Λ, Nazuna Λ, Nia Λ, Odin Λ, Palpa Λ, Senala Λ


Chapter 20 must be completed to access the Recode DNA menu.

The following is a list of general requirements to recode a character:


  • The exact requirements are different for each character. Check the recoded character's page for exact requirements.
  • If the recoded character is already owned, the pre-recode character may be recoded again to increase skill boost and Luck.
  • Recoding is not available if the recoded character is already at 100 Luck.
    • This means that it is possible to have a recoded character with maxed Luck, but non-maxed skill boost.


Characters are promoted to a higher class and have a higher stat cap. They will start at level 1, regardless of their level before recoding.

If a recoded character is already owned, the recoded character's level will not reset. The existing recoded character will gain additional skill boost and Luck instead.

Once a character has been recoded, their non-recoded form may be recruited again as a fresh character at base level and 0% skill boost. The two monsters will also be lost upon recoding, and may be recruited again through the usual methods.

Skill Boost

Skill boosts from the character are fully (100%) carried over.

A fifth (20%) of the skill boosts from both monsters are also carried over. A monster with 100% skill boost will carry over 20% skill boost, for a total of up to 40% skill boost from both monsters. (Jennish at 60% skill boost recoded with Vajra at 100% skill boost and Paralypede at 100% skill boost results in a Jennish Λ with 100% skill boost.)

The total skill boost carried over from the character and monsters will not exceed 100%.


Luck from the character is fully (100%) carried over. A fifth (20%) of the Luck from both monsters is also carried over.

If the recoded character is already owned, an additional 5 Luck is added to the recoded character.

The max Luck value of the character is increased to 100. The total Luck carried over will not exceed this value.


For adventurers, skills are unlocked at levels 1, 30, 50, and 80/90 instead of the traditional levels of 1, 15, 35, and 65.

Skill slots are unlocked at levels 1, 20, 40, and 60. They may be used to access any skill from all previous jobs of the non-recoded character. Skills selected in skill slots are not affected by level caps, but the number of skill slots available is still limited by level caps.

Recoded monsters retain their old skills; their skills and skill slots are unlocked at the usual levels.


For monsters, new jobs are available with new skills. These jobs are obtained through Add Jobs and have the usual item requirements.

Recoded adventurers have only one job.


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