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Rainbow Tears is an item used to add the second job of A Class and B Class characters. It is also used to evolve companions of all classes.


Add Jobs

Used in quantities of 3.

A Class

B Class

Evolve Companions

Used in quantities of 3 for C and D Classes; 5 for SS, A and B Classes.

Drop locations


  • In version 1.2.0, Chapter 2-5 (Spinetrich (Boss)) now drops Rainbow Tears with a 10% chance.
  • In version 1.2.0, Chapter 6-5 (Arachnobot (Boss)) now drops Rainbow Tears with a 10% chance.
  • Before version 1.2.0, Rainbow Tears used to also drop from Chapter 8-5. Since then, the boss drops Moon Tears instead.
  • After version 1.2.0, Rainbow Tears now drop from Chapter 9-7. Before, the boss dropped Sea Tears.

Moon Tears.png Moon TearsRainbow Tears.png Rainbow TearsSea Tears.png Sea TearsSpirit Tears.png Spirit Tears