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Seek out companions to join your quest for truth in the name of good.

Rare characters will join you. If you're already allies, their level and skill boost will rise.

The Pact of Truth is where players can recruit Adventurers by using Energy.png Energy. It can be accessed from [Tavern] > [Recruit].

With the exception of event characters and promotional characters, all classes of adventurers are available. The distribution is 4% Z (Rainbow), 10% SS / 15% S (Gold), and 71% evenly distributed between A/B (Silver) – exact rates can be viewed in-game by tapping the [Lineup] button on the Recruit screen.

Some adventurers, and more notably Monsters, can also be recruited from the Pact of Fellowship.

The Pact of Fate's "Recruit with energy" features the same pool as the Pact of Truth, but duplicates increase Luck instead of Skill Boost.


  • Each recruitment costs Energy.png 5 Energy.
    • If a player has enough energy, they can recruit multiple adventurers at once, for up to 10 recruitments at a cost of Energy.png 50 Energy.
    • One free recruitment may be performed every 24 hours by watching a video.
  • New characters recruited from the Pact of Truth start at level 10 and 0% skill boost.

+ Pacts

  • Sometimes "+" pacts may appear while recruiting. This grants the recruited character an additional +1–5 levels and +0.5–3.0% skill boost.


  • If you recruit a character you already possess, your existing character will gain:
    • six levels and 12% skill boost for Z Class.
    • five levels and 10% skill boost for SS and S Class.
    • one level and 5% skill boost for A Class and below.

Removing from the pool

  • Once a character reaches 100% skill boost, that character will no longer be recruitable from the Pact of Truth.
  • Once a player owns all characters available from the Pact of Truth at 100% skill boost, they will be unable to perform any more recruitments from the Pact of Truth.

Available Characters

The following is a list of Adventurers that may be recruited from the Pact of Truth and the Pact of Fate's "Recruit with energy" option.

Some recoded characters may become available during events. See the lineup during each specific event for details.

PoF — Characters that can also be recruited from the Pact of Fellowship.

Ch # — Characters that are not available until the indicated chapter is completed.

Limited-time Characters

Terra Battle 2 collaboration characters were only available from the Pact of Truth and Pact of Fate for the duration of the event.


Events no longer occur as of Version 5.5.0. Past events can be found on Pact of Truth/Events.



  • Pacts have different appearances depending on the rarity of the character obtained.
    • Rainbow — Z Class
    • Gold — SS and S Class
    • Silver — A and B Class
  • A recruitment is not performed until the envelope is opened with a tap. It is possible to cancel a recruitment by tapping the "Back" button before opening the envelope.
  • After the Version 1.1.1 update, duplicate S and SS characters that are recruited will instead gain 5 levels and 10% skill boost.
  • Introduced in the Version 2.4.0 update, duplicate Z Class characters that are recruited will gain 6 levels and 12% skill boost.
  • The Version 2.6.0 update introduced "+ Pacts", which appears randomly and gives a set bonus to the recruited character's level and skill boost.
  • Version 5.2.0 removed Recode DNA characters and added visible recruitment rates.
  • Version 5.5.0 added the limited-time characters Shay, Arionne, Tronic Gal, and Senala to the permanent pool.

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