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Odin Evolved is a quest available through [Arena] > [Descent Quests]. It features the evolved form of Odin, Neo Odin, who has a chance to drop Amethyst Flame. It was first made available as a limited-time event from December 19-29, 2014.

Dungeon StatisticsEdit

Odin Evolved
Stamina Cost: 25
Difficulty: 45
Battles: 5
SwordIcon: 0 BowIcon: 0 SpearIcon: 16 StaffIcon: 3 Skill icon 136: 0 Skill icon 137: 0
FireIcon: 0 IceIcon: 0 LightningIcon: 0 DarkIcon: 0 Skill icon 113: 0 Skill icon 114: 0

Battle 1

EinheriEinheriEinheriWailing WallStage-2002-02-01

Battle 2

FrekiFrekiFrekiFrekiWailing WallStage-2002-02-02

Battle 3


Battle 4


Battle 5

MuninHuginNeo Odin (Boss)Stage-2002-02-05

Rewards Edit

Luck Treasure Chests Edit

Note: This is an incomplete list. Please contribute by adding missing drops.
Chest Possible Rewards
A Coins 500 Coins, Terra Swordsteel Terra Swordsteel, Terra Spearbronze Terra Spearbronze, Terra Bowstring Terra Bowstring, Terra Staffwood Terra Staffwood
B Coins 500 Coins, Terra Swordsteel Terra Swordsteel, Terra Spearbronze Terra Spearbronze, Terra Bowstring Terra Bowstring, Terra Staffwood Terra Staffwood
C Amethyst Flame Amethyst Flame, Wailing Wall icon Wailing Wall
D Metal Ticket Metal Ticket, Fellowship Ticket Fellowship Ticket, Companion Ticket Companion Ticket
Luck 80 Odin icon Odin, Iron Spear icon Iron Spear, Silver Spear icon Silver Spear
Luck 100 Odin icon Odin, Silver Spear icon Silver Spear



The deities created by the Maker serve not only
as her emissaries but as symbols for all manner
of concepts and ideas about the universe.
They always live on somewhere in the world.

Though undetectable to eye or ear,
they are always present.

Before Neo OdinEdit

"The keepers are all delegated worlds
in this manner."

The world's myriad mythologies each have
their own vision of the universe.

The Maker's emissaries are entrusted with
worlds accommodating each.

This is no small feat.

All is born of the imagination, created by
the Maker and the peoples of the world.


The Maker, Mortals. Dreams.

Faith links them together.

Purpose infuses them with life.

Imagination shapes them.

And the result...?

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