Recruit with coinsEdit

These monsters can be recruited from the Pact of Fellowship. There are currently 93 monsters that can be recruited with coins. Generic human units and many humanoid mage units can only be recruited with coins.

Name Class Weapon Attribute Species
Ancient Sadness A - - Wild Beast
Androclops C Spear Ice Machine
Apirath A Staff - Machine
Arachnobot D Sword - Machine
Archer C Bow - Human
Assassin D Sword - Stonefolk
Beastfolk Archer C Sword - Beastfolk
Beastfolk Healer C Sword - Beastfolk
Beastfolk Knight C Sword - Beastfolk
Beastfolk Mage C Staff Various † Beastfolk
Beastfolk Warrior C Sword - Beastfolk
Celestial Dragon A Spear - Dragon
Chargebot D Staff Healing Machine
Cryowisp C Staff Ice Wild Beast
Cyberclops C Sword Fire Machine
Cybergolem B Sword - Machine
Dark Pegawyrm B Sword Darkness Dragon
Dark Petrifier C Staff Darkness Machine
Dark Tortoise C Spear - Wild Beast
Devil Bat C Bow - Wild Beast
Electrosapper C Staff - Machine
Flamebot C Sword - Machine
Floralpede C Spear - Wild Beast
Fortified Oxsecian Bulwark A Bow Lightning Machine
Giant Nega A Spear - Cipher
Golem B Spear - Wild Beast
Healer C Staff Healing Human
Knight C Spear - Human
Kraken A Bow - Wild Beast
Layla A Staff Ice Dragon
Lich A Sword - Wild Beast
Lizardfolk Archer C Bow - Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Healer C Staff Healing Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Knight C Spear - Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Warrior C Sword - Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Mage C Staff Various † Lizardfolk
Mage C Staff Various † Human
Magma Mummy D Staff - Wild Beast
Mantle Tortoise C Staff Fire Wild Beast
Mantledrake B Staff Fire Dragon
Marilith A Sword - Wild Beast
Mech Orbling C Sword - Machine
Mechaclops C Bow Lightning Machine
Mecharose C Spear - Machine
Mechavirus 3721 C Staff - Cell
Mediscanner B Staff Healing Machine
Megacell B Staff Ice Cell
Mermaid C Staff Lightning Wild Beast
Mothbot C Staff - Machine
Onyx Dragon A Staff Darkness Dragon
Paralypede C Staff - Wild Beast
Pegawyrm B Spear Fire Dragon
Phaarz A Staff - Spirit
Phi Orbling D Sword Fire Machine
Pyrowisp C Staff Fire Wild Beast
Reaver A Staff Remedy Wild Beast
Red Starwhip C Staff Fire Wild Beast
Regenercell B Staff Healing Cell
Relic A Staff Graviton Riftworlder
Sabertooth D Spear - Wild Beast
Sabertooth King B Spear - Wild Beast
Scar A Sword - Wild Beast
Slasher D Sword - Wild Beast
Slime Slug D Spear - Wild Beast
Snaptrap A Staff - Wild Beast
Spinetrich D Spear Lightning Wild Beast
Starwhip C Staff Healing Wild Beast
Stonefolk Archer C Bow - Stonefolk
Stonefolk Healer C Staff Healing Stonefolk
Stonefolk Knight C Spear - Stonefolk
Stonefolk Mage C Staff Various † Stonefolk
Stonefolk Warrior C Sword - Stonefolk
Thornasaurus D Bow - Wild Beast
Tiamat A Staff - Dragon
Triscorp C Spear - Wild Beast
Vajra A Staff Lightning Dragon
Vial Chucker C Staff - Stonefolk
Warrior C Sword - Human
Wastecell C Staff - Cell
White Sabertooth C Spear - Wild Beast
Wyvern D Bow Fire Dragon

† There are 4 different, separate units for each element.

Battle onlyEdit

These monsters can only be recruited by defeating them in quests or finding them in Luck Treasure Chests. There are currently 6 recruitable monsters from story chapters and 25 recruitable monsters from limited events.

Name Class Weapon Attribute Species Location
Beastfolk Hero B Sword - Beastfolk Chapter 3-5 Boss
Blastosaur C Bow - Dragon Chapter 5
Bomborg C Staff - Wild Beast Chapter 8
Lizardfolk Hero B Spear - Lizardfolk Chapter 3-5 Boss
Mechanic C Staff Healing Machine Chapter 8
Whitewyrm B Bow - Dragon Chapter 5-10 Boss
Name Class Weapon Attribute Species Location
8-Bit Golem Λ B Spear - Wild Beast 8-Bit Golem Strikes Back
8-Bit Hiso Alien Λ B - - Wild Beast 8-Bit Hiso Alien Strikes Back
8-Bit Orbling Λ B Sword - Wild Beast 8-Bit Orbling Strikes Back
8-Bit Spinetrich Λ B Spear Darkness Wild Beast 8-Bit Spinetrich Strikes Back
Bahamut Kino Λ B Staff Fire Dragon Bahamut Kino Strikes Back
Blade Falcon B Sword - Wild Beast The Hunt For Blade Falcon
Bone Killer B Staff - Wild Beast The Hunt For Bone Killer
Chiton C Staff - Wild Beast Leviathan Evolved
Cockatrice Λ A - - Wild Beast Mobius Final Fantasy Recode
Ethereal B Spear - Wild Beast The Hunt For Ethereal
Golden Arachnobot A Sword - Machine Arachnobot's Tale
Kujata C Staff Healing Wild Beast Bahamut Evolved
Leonidas A Staff Fire Wild Beast Lucia the Explorer Ⅱ
Manticlaw A Sword - Machine Arachnobot's Tale
Joker Λ Z Staff - Celestial The Hunt For Joker
Kraken Kino Λ B Bow - Wild Beast Kraken Kino Strikes Back
Leviathan Kino Λ B Staff Ice Dragon Leviathan Kino Strikes Back
Lich Kino Λ B Staff Darkness Wild Beast Lich Kino Strikes Back
Marilith Kino Λ B Sword - Wild Beast Marilith Kino Strikes Back
Mechanic Kino Λ B Staff Healing Machine Mechanic Kino Strikes Back
Odin Kino Λ B Spear - Celestial Odin Kino Strikes Back
Rascal★ B - - Wild Beast Battle Champs
Slugosaur Kino Λ B Bow - Dragon Slugosaur Kino Strikes Back
Spinetrich Kino Λ B Spear Lightning Wild Beast Spinetrich Kino Strikes Back
Steel Dragon A Staff Remedy Dragon Dragon Road
Storm Witch A Staff Lightning Wild Beast Lucia the Explorer Ⅲ
Suzaku C Staff Fire Wild Beast Bahamut Evolved, Bahamut Ultra
Tiamat Kino Λ B Staff - Dragon Tiamat Kino Strikes Back
Wailing Wall C Spear - Wild Beast Odin Evolved

Luck Treasure Chests Edit

These monsters can only be recruited from Luck Treasure Chests. There are 12 monsters in this category.

Name Location
Axion Dragon Λ The Inexorable Dragon King
Holy Dragon Λ The Resplendent Dragon King
Primordial Dragon Λ The Primordial Dragon King
Apollo Λ Apollo
Artemis Λ Artemis III
Chaos Λ Chaos III
King Orbling Λ King Orbling
Lamia Λ Lamia
Phoenix Λ Phoenix III
Raijin Λ Raijin III
Selene Λ Selene
Valkyrie Λ Valkyrie III
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