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The Metal Zone is a five-battle leveling zone with high experience yield. Characters above the zone's level range will not receive any experience. For alternatives to Metal Zones, see Power Leveling. No coins or items are dropped.

Metal Zones are available from the Huntland and can be entered for free using a Metal Ticket.png Metal Ticket, or by speding stamina if no tickets are owned. They are always available as their "All Hail the King" versions.

Road quests are used for training specific species and can only be entered using stamina.


Metal Zones unlock as progress is made in the story.

  • Metal Zone 1
    • Level 1-19, 5 stamina
    • Enemy turn counter: 2
    • Runners vulnerable to sleep
  • Metal Zone 2
    • Level 20-29, 8 stamina
    • Enemy turn counter: 1-2
    • Runners vulnerable to sleep
  • Metal Zone 3
    • Level 30-39, 10 stamina
    • Enemy turn counter: 1-2
    • Runners are vulnerable to paralysis
  • Metal Zone 4
    • Level 40-49, 13 stamina
    • Enemy turn counter: 1-2
    • Runners are vulnerable to confusion
  • Metal Zone 5
    • Level 50-59, 15 stamina
    • Enemy turn counter: 1
    • Runners are vulnerable to petrification
  • Metal Zone 6
    • Level 60-69, 18 stamina
    • Enemy turn counter: 1-2
    • Runners and mirrors are vulnerable to shadowbind
  • Metal Zone 7
    • Level 70-89, 20 stamina
    • Enemy turn counter: 1-2
    • Runners and mirrors are vulnerable to icebind
  • Dragon Road
    • Level 35-89, 15 stamina
    • Only Dragon may participate
  • Machine Road
    • Level 35-89, 15 stamina
    • Only Machine may participate




Your squad begins all along the bottom row. Metals will usually attempt to flee every time they move. Metals that are 1 square from the edge of the screen will always run on their turn, while those 2+ squares will possibly run (placing a character between the metal and the edge will also make them 2+ squares from the edge), but are less likely to if they can attack before reaching the edge of the playing field. Kill as many as you can before they're able to get away. Most Metals have a Breath Attack, so boxing them in may not be effective; metal mages have a Column elemental attack instead. However, they do not have very high HP or defense. Metal Orblings and Mages are immune to all status effects.

Metal Runners and Golden Runners tend to move away when characters come close to them (into the four squares adjacent to them). Metal Runners have a higher chance of running in higher-level metal zones, while Gold Runners always have a 90% chance of running. Runners will not run through capsules while being chased. Moving with Yulia will keep them from running. Runners are extremely susceptible to a single status effect; their weakness depends on which Zone they're found in.

There are a few approaches to killing Runners:

  • Bring a unit that can inflict the status effect they're weak against and you can save yourself a lot of hassle. Check the information next to each Metal Zone above.
  • You can predict the direction they will run, which is away from your mover. If you try to come from the left, it will move right; if you come down the top, it will go down. However, it does not specifically try to move "away from pincers," so if you set up 2 units on its right and come at it from the left, you can make it run straight into the pincer.
  • You can just make a ring and trap it inside; however, remember that if you fail to kill it that turn it can use Breath to knock away your prison and run.
  • Having a character with a Bomb ability on the team is very useful, as Runners will be instantly killed if they touch one bomb.

There is a 5% chance that the final floor will be replaced by a King floor, with a fixed layout (different for each zone). The Metal Orbling King will appear in the center. He will flee in 6 turns and is worth approximately 4 times a standard enemy. If a Metal Gorf appears with the king, be aware that it can heal the king for a large amount. Other Metals that appear with the king will not flee until the King is gone from the map, either from being killed or fleeing himself. For All Hail the King, the final floor will always be the King floor.

This zone does not generally require a healer, but, if you fail to kill enemies, you may take a lot of incidental damage.

Team composition

While it may seem that the team should just be made up of whatever units need the EXP, it is always optimal to have a trainer, due to the difficulty and distribution mechanics.

A trainer is a high-level unit, preferably with high Skill Boost, that can eliminate many metals at once. The best trainers are:

  • Gugba: Tremor can wipe a map of Orblings. Runners, if they can't be pincered or hit with Avalanche, can be chased into his trailing bombs.
  • The SS mages (Lewto/Piz'fer/Jennish/Zerro and sometimes Invincible): Their Row Area and Column Area spells can clear most of the screen. Column Area might not kill Metal Zone 5 units.
  • Leviathan/Bahamut: Their Cross area attack, combined with the standard area of effect spells, let them get many metals in hard-to-reach places. Just figure out where to place them, and then chain them to unleash their might. At very high levels, their Column Area spell with a Powered Point can kill even level 59 metals. If you are leveling Leviathan Z you will still gain exp in Metal Zone 7 all the way up to level 90 despite the zone saying it will not give experience to characters over level 79.

If you don't have any of those, strong units with "Area(1)" attacks with at least x2 multiplier, and another area spell, are useful for this. Sha'plar, Samatha, Koko, Zenzoze, and Gigojago have Area(1) and another area attack, while S'naip, Amazora, and Grace only have Area(1).

The trainer, being too high a level, will not gain any EXP, but it will count in the EXP distribution. This means that any EXP that would go to the trainer will be wasted. To waste the least total EXP, have one trainer and three or more trainees, which gives the trainer 5% of the experience.

To maximize EXP per metal, the average of the three highest-level units should be at least the maximum difficulty of the stage (or, if there are two units in the team, the average of their levels). If not, consider adding a second trainer; this unit wastes 10% of total EXP when training four units, and 15% when training three.

It is optimal to add a high-level Bonna to any team. The experience that she would take in the distribution will be made up for by her Seasoned Pro (+15% EXP) skill, and by having an additional party member for making pincers. She can also cast the status weaknesses of runners in Metal Zones 3 and 5.

Training regimen

For levels 1-39, farm Metal Tickets from chapter 6-8, and use them in the Arena's Metal Zone 3. For levels 40-59, train in the appropriate metal zone. However, when MZ5 is in the arena, train 1-59 there (unless you can't get 59 difficulty in MZ5).

In general, it is best to train units up to, but not over, the cap (e.g. Lv < 40 in MZ3, Lv < 60 in MZ5) or close to it, and then take a single trainee and a single trainer into a King version of the stage. While it wastes 30% of EXP on the trainer instead of 5%, this gets the trainee far into the next training tier, which will have less stamina-efficient EXP.

For A/B characters, a single King stage can get them through a whole training tier at once, and it is bad for level 39 characters to jump to level 50 due to MZ5 being less efficient than MZ4. A/B characters may want to spike instead on a normal Metal Zone, or spike at level 37 or 38 instead of 39. A/B characters may also get to level 65, or very close to it, by spiking on a regular Metal Zone 5, which is particularly useful when Metal Zone 5 is in the arena.

For S/SS characters around level 59, an EXP Boost or an MZ5 King can get them to about level 65, and both of them together can get them to about level 69.


The amount of EXP per run depends on the types and numbers of enemies, and the difficulty of the zone.

There are some tactics to consider in order to maximize efficiency.

  • Experience is divided evenly to each member in your squad, including ones that are over the zone's level cap; minimize the number of units you bring and the number of units over the cap to maximize total effective experience gained.
  • If you need to take an over-leveled unit, for example to have a status effect like Sleep, it should be high enough to hit the highest possible difficulty for that zone, to maximize the base EXP value of the metals.
    • If the difficulty (= average party level) is too low, EXP will be very low.
  • Units will gain experience over the zone's level cap, so bringing a unit that is very close to that cap can be a good boost into the next level plateau.
  • Units with high boost and strong area attacks or Control Time can be important for maximizing enemy kills.


Added in patch 2.0.0, players can choose to distribute EXP evenly (like before the patch), or distribute more to lower level characters. The Distributions are as follows (from lowest to highest level):

  • 2 characters: 70% / 30% of total exp (instead of 50% each)
  • 3 characters: 60% / 30% / 10% of total exp (instead of 33.33% each)
  • 4 characters: 50% / 30% / 15% / 5% of total exp (instead of 25% each)
  • 5 characters: 45% / 25% / 15% / 10% / 5% of total exp (instead of 20% each)
  • 6 characters: 40% / 25% / 15% / 10% / 5% / 5% of total exp (instead of 16.66% each)

In case of a tie, the unit higher on the list will gain more experience.


The difficulty is based on the average level of your three highest-level units (or two, if there are only two), but won't go past the range of that zone (e.g. 50-59 for Metal Zone 5).

For best results, the total level should be at least

Zone Max difficulty Two units Three or more units
MZ1 19 38 57
MZ2 29 58 87
MZ3 39 78 117
MZ4 49 98 147
MZ5 59 118 177
MZ6 69 138 207
MZ7 89 178 267

EXP table

Base EXP by zone and difficulty.

Metal Orbling, Metal Orbling Mage, and Metal Gorf give the same base EXP, Metal Mirror give 1.2 times the base, Metal Runner give 1.4 times, and Golden Runner give 2 times. The Metal Orbling King's EXP multiplier and floor layout depend on the zone.

Zone 1

  • Lv1: 202 EXP
  • Lv2: 429 EXP
  • Lv3: 710 EXP
  • Lv4: 1037 EXP
  • Lv5: 1398 EXP
  • Lv6: 1800 EXP
  • Lv7: 2227 EXP
  • Lv8: 2690 EXP
  • Lv9: 3175 EXP
  • Lv10: 3691 EXP
  • Lv11: 4230 EXP
  • Lv12: 4791 EXP
  • Lv13: 5382 EXP
  • Lv14: 5987 EXP
  • Lv15: 6619 EXP
  • Lv16: 7269 EXP
  • Lv17: 7939 EXP
  • Lv18: 8630 EXP
  • Lv19: 9342 EXP
  • King: 4x

Zone 2

  • Lv20: 6040 EXP
  • Lv21: 6488 EXP
  • Lv22: 6946 EXP
  • Lv23: 7412 EXP
  • Lv24: 7892 EXP
  • Lv25: 8382 EXP
  • Lv26: 8877 EXP
  • Lv27: 9385 EXP
  • Lv28: 9901 EXP
  • Lv29: 10428 EXP
  • King: 4.4x

Zone 3

  • Lv30: 10961 EXP
  • Lv31: 11506 EXP
  • Lv32: 12056 EXP
  • Lv33: 12619 EXP
  • Lv34: 13187 EXP
  • Lv35: 13764 EXP
  • Lv36: 14352 EXP
  • Lv37: 14944 EXP
  • Lv38: 15546 EXP
  • Lv39: 16157 EXP
  • King: 4.8x

Zone 4

  • Lv40: 13978 EXP
  • Lv41: 14499 EXP
  • Lv42: 15024 EXP
  • Lv43: 15559 EXP
  • Lv44: 16099 EXP
  • Lv45: 16645 EXP
  • Lv46: 17197 EXP
  • Lv47: 17754 EXP
  • Lv48: 18318 EXP
  • Lv49: 18887 EXP
  • King: 6x

Zone 5

  • Lv50: 15570 EXP
  • Lv51: 16034 EXP
  • Lv52: 16503 EXP
  • Lv53: 16978 EXP
  • Lv54: 17457 EXP
  • Lv55: 17937 EXP
  • Lv56: 18426 EXP
  • Lv57: 18916 EXP
  • Lv58: 19413 EXP
  • Lv59: 19912 EXP
  • King: 6.4x

Zone 6

  • Lv60: 12760 EXP
  • Lv61: 13078 EXP
  • Lv62: 13398 EXP
  • Lv63: 13721 EXP
  • Lv64: 14046 EXP
  • Lv65: 14374 EXP
  • Lv66: 14705 EXP
  • Lv67: 15038 EXP
  • Lv68: 15373 EXP
  • Lv69: 15711 EXP
  • King: 14x

Zone 7

  • Lv70: 19261 EXP
  • Lv71: 19673 EXP
  • Lv72: 20087 EXP
  • Lv73: 20504 EXP
  • Lv74: 20924 EXP
  • Lv75: 21346 EXP
  • Lv76: 21772 EXP
  • Lv77: 22200 EXP
  • Lv78: 22632 EXP
  • Lv79: 23065 EXP
  • Lv80: 23501 EXP
  • Lv81: 23942 EXP
  • Lv82: 24383 EXP
  • Lv83: 24828 EXP
  • Lv84: 25275 EXP
  • Lv85: 25725 EXP
  • Lv86: 26178 EXP
  • Lv87: 26633 EXP
  • Lv88: 27091 EXP
  • Lv89: 27551 EXP
  • King: 14x


The EXP obtained from an enemy at level L is computed as following:

The zone EXP bias BZ is 1.1, 0.66, 0.66, 0.55, 0.44, 0.275, 0.33 for zones 1-7 respectively. The enemy EXP bias BE depends on the enemy:

Enemy Name EXP Bias BE
Metal Orbling 2.5
Metal Orbling Mage 2.5
Metal Gorf 2.5
Metal Mirror 3
Metal Runner 3.5
Golden Runner 5
Metal Orbling King 10,11,12,15,16,35,35 for zones 1-7 respectively

Metal Tickets

Metal Tickets can be spent to enter the Metal Zone no stamina. If you are using tickets, remember that Metal Zone 5 *generally* gives more exp than the lower zones. Therefore, consider running Metal Zone 5 even when leveling characters below level 50.

Companion drops

Metal Minion companions can be obtained from Metal Zones. They provide a large amount of experience when used to upgrade companions. They can also be sold for a good amount of coins.

Companion Upgrade EXP Sell price
Metal Minion icon.png Metal Minion 3,000 500
Metal Minion Λ icon.png Metal Minion Λ 50,000 3,000

Drop rules:

  • Metal Zones have between one and three enemies that drop a Metal Minion with a 100% drop chance. The exact count depends on the Metal Zone level and the number of enemies.
  • Metal Zones 3 through 7 all have a single enemy that has a chance to drop a Metal Minion Λ. The drop chance depends on the Metal Zone level.
  • If present, the Metal Orbling King boss has a chance to drop another Metal Minion Λ. The drop chance depends on the Metal Zone level.
Metal Minion drops
Zone Metal Minion
max drops
Metal Minion Λ
drop chance
MZ 1 1 0%
MZ 2 2 0%
MZ 3 3 10%
MZ 4 3 15%
MZ 5 3 20%
MZ 6 3 25%
MZ 7 3 25%

Drop details:
Enemies are assigned a number in order of appearance. Fewer drops may be obtained when fewer enemies appear. Note each enemy can only drop one companion at a time.

  • Metal Zone 1
    • Metal Minion drop on a random enemy from #5 through #9
  • Metal Zone 2
    • Metal Minion drop on a random enemy from #5 through #9
    • Metal Minion drop on a random enemy from #10 through #15
  • Metal Zone 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
    • Metal Minion drop on a random enemy from #2 through #6
    • Metal Minion drop on a random enemy from #7 through #11
    • Metal Minion drop on a random enemy from #12 through #15
    • Metal Minion Λ drop on a random enemy from #10 through #14

(Source: All metal companion drop data from Tharos on Terra Battle Forum)


  • Version 1.1.4: Enemies in Metal Zone 2 and higher can start with a timer of 1 or 2; previously, they were always set to 1.
  • Version 1.2.0: Gold Runners and Metal Gorfs now have working Magic Defense, so they no longer take maximum system damage from magic-based attacks.
  • Version 2.0.0: EXP Distribution option added. King EXP multiplier for zones 3-5 increased (from ~4x to ~6x).
  • Version 2.6.0: MZ6 was added to the game. MZ4 was added to the Arena shortly after. MZ6 can appear in the Arena during events as well.
  • Version 2.7.0: Metal Zone 6 stamina cost was reduced from 45 to 38. Metal Zone 6 enemies had their MDEF reduced and experience gain increased.
  • Version 2.9.0 added metal companions as drops from Metal Zones.
  • Version 3.0.0 introduced a bug that prevented normal enemies from dropping Metal Minions in Metal Zones. Metal Minion Λ could still drop from the Metal Orbling King.
  • Version 4.1.0 added Metal Zone 7. It also adjusted the exp from zones 1-6 and allowed Metal Zones to be temporarily opened using Energy.
    • Exp obtained from zones 1-6 was increased by 10%. Prior to the change, the zone EXP bias BZ was 1, 0.6, 0.6, 0.5, 0.4, 0.25 for zones 1-6 respectively.
  • Version 4.5.0 reduced the stamina costs of all Metal Zones and added Metal Zone 5 to the Arena.
    • Metal Zone 1: 10 > 5 stamina
    • Metal Zone 2: 15 > 8 stamina
    • Metal Zone 3: 20 > 10 stamina
    • Metal Zone 4: 25 > 13 stamina
    • Metal Zone 5: 35 > 15 stamina
    • Metal Zone 6: 38 > 18 stamina
    • Metal Zone 7: 40 > 20 stamina
  • Version 4.6.0 changed the location and times for Metal Zones 6 and 7. It also halved the stamina costs of Metal Zones that were opened using Energy.
    • Metal Zone 6: Unlocked after Chapter 27 > Chapter 26
    • Metal Zone 7: Unlocked after Chapter 34 > Chapter 30
  • Version 5.5.0 moved all Metal Zones to the Huntland and are all permanently available as All Hail the King.

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