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For other types of Metal Minions, see Metal Minion (disambiguation).
Metal Minion Λ
No. 129
Class A
Level Required 5
Upgrade EXP 50,000 × Level
Sell Price 3,000 × Level
Metal Minion Λ Icon other 02.png
Metal Minion Λ.png
LV 1 1
ATK - -
DEF - -
MATK - -
MDEF - -
Skill Freq. - -
SB Freq. -
Total EXP -
Evolve Companion
Evolve from
Metal Minion icon.png Metal Minion
Evolve to
Metal Minion ΛΛ icon.png Metal Minion ΛΛ
  • Coins.png 2,106 Coins
  • Metal Minion Λ icon.png Metal Minion Λ x2


An enigmatic fellow strolled the streets asking an enigmatic question:

"Want some experience?"

Many dismissed the question with a sneer. Experience isn't the sort of thing someone can just hand out, after all.

Still, the mysterious fellow refused to give up. The world was full of people who couldn't experience things even if they wanted to. In a world brimming with so many possibilities, why couldn't everyone experience them?

It was a simple frustration.


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