Mangled Horn is an item used to add the second job of dragons.

The best place to farm this item is in Chapter 5-1. There are 13 Devil Bats that have a 1% chance to drop it for 1 stamina.

Chapter 23-4 is also an option for power leveling while farming, since it provides a high exp/sta ratio. However, this chapter only has 12 Dark Pegawyrms with a 1% chance to drop the item and costs 16 stamina.

Chapter 33-9 provides an infinite farming spot for this item along with Green Rings for 22 stamina. See the Green Ring page for details.

Usage Edit

Add Jobs Edit

Used in quantities of 15.

Z Class

A Class

Drop locations Edit

Dropped by Edit

The following have a 1% chance to drop Mangled Horn:

Species-type Items
Human Serenity Shoot Serenity ShootWisdom Flower Wisdom Flower
Lizardfolk Benevolent Fang Benevolent FangTail of Insight Tail of Insight
Beastfolk Claw of Fate Claw of FatePelt of Knowledge Pelt of Knowledge
Stonefolk Forlorn Stone Forlorn StoneShell of Madness Shell of Madness
Celestial Wisp of Jealousy Wisp of JealousyCipher Cell Cipher Cell
Dragon Mangled Horn Mangled HornSentient Flame Sentient Flame
Wild Beast Lustrous Tail Lustrous TailIgnorant Flea Ignorant Flea
Oxsecian Tranquil Clock Tranquil ClockTome of Enlightenment Tome of Enlightenment