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Luck is a character stat that influences some end-of-stage drops. It is indicated by an "L" in both the character selection screen and the profile screen.

The max value for Luck depends on the character's class:

  • Lambda (Λ) and Z Class: 100
  • SS and S Class: 80
  • A Class and below: 70

All characters with "Λ" in their names will max out at 100, regardless of their class.

Gaining Luck

Recode DNA

A Recoded character will inherit 100% of the original character's Luck value and 20% of the Luck values from the monsters used in the recode.

An existing "Λ" character will also gain an additional 5 Luck if the character is recoded again.

Pact of Fate

If a character that is already owned is recruited via the [Pact of Fate], the character's job levels and Luck will increase. Luck increases by 5 for each duplicate character recruited.

When a "+" Pact appears, the recruited character receives an additional 0.5–3 Luck.

Once a character has reached max Luck, it can no longer be recruited from the Pact of Fate.

Quest Drops

If a "Λ" character that is already owned drops from a quest, that character will receive both Luck and skill boosts. Luck increases by 1 for each duplicate character recruited.

Luck can still increase even if skill boost has been maxed out.

Battle End

Luck has a chance to increase by 0.1–0.3 after clearing a quest with a stamina cost of 8 or higher. Luck has a higher chance of increasing when clearing quests with higher stamina costs.

  • Characters can still gain Luck even if they are defeated in battle.
  • During half stamina events, Luck gain chance is calculated using the original stamina costs.

"Lucky" Enemies

There are a few special enemies that may grant a Luck boost when pincered. They cannot be defeated with area attacks and will flee if not pincered correctly.

  • Lucky Runner
    • Appears in both Cryptid Forest quests
    • When pincered, it grants a 0.1 Luck boost to all party members. As a "runner"-type enemy, it has a 50% chance to move when the player approaches it.

Luck Treasure Chests

Luck Treasure Chests will appear after clearing most quests. Their drop rates depend on the team's average Luck value. They may contain coins, items, and even rare characters and Companions.

There are 6 types of chests: A, B, C, D, Luck 80, and Luck 100.

"A" drops are the most common, while "D" drops are rarest. There is no minimum Luck required to receive drops from chests "A" through "D", but having higher Luck increases the chances of receiving a drop. "Luck 80" and "Luck 100" chests will always drop when the team's average Luck value is at least 80 or 100, respectively.

The A chest is guaranteed with at least 40 Luck. The B chest is guaranteed with at least 85 Luck. A 100 Luck team will always receive drops from the A, B, Luck 80, and Luck 100 chests—with the C chest having a 50% chance to drop and the D chest having a 25% chance.

The following quests do not contain Luck Treasure Chests:


Some Companions can boost a character's or the team's average Luck while they are equipped. Characters that are not Lambda (Λ) or Z Class can have their Luck boosted beyond their max Luck value. The character's own Luck and the team's average Luck cannot go beyond 100.


  • The Luck stat was added in Version 4.2.0 and released on August 26, 2016.
  • Version 4.3.0 added "+" pacts to the [Pact of Fate], and Luck Treasure Chests to Co-op Mode.
    • A possible event was added that doubles the chance of gaining Luck from "Battle End".