Login Bonus are rewards given for logging into the game daily. These rewards include coins and energy. There are two different login bonuses, a consecutive bonus and total days logged bonus. Login bonuses are awarded at 00:00 UTC.

Login Bonus Rewards Edit

Consecutive Login Bonus Edit

The consecutive login bonus rotates on an 8-day cycle. Once you finish the cycle, the game does not reset the number of days, but the rewards do reset. If you miss one or more days and break the consecutive login streak, the next time you log in will begin at day 1 again.

Consecutive login bonuses are distributed with the message: "Consecutive login bonus day #"

Days Bonus
1 500 Coins Coins
2 800 Coins Coins
3 1,000 Coins Coins
4 1,500 Coins Coins
5 2 Energy Energy
6 2,000 Coins Coins
7 3,000 Coins Coins
8 3 Energy Energy

Overall Login Bonus Edit

These bonuses are awarded based on the total number of days you have logged in.

Overall login bonuses are distributed with the message: "Login bonus day #"

Days Bonus
1 3,000 Coins Coins,
5 Energy Energy
2 3 Energy Energy
3 2 Energy Energy
4 3 Energy Energy
5 2 Energy Energy
6 2 Energy Energy
7 2 Energy Energy
8 2 Energy Energy
9 2 Energy Energy
10 3 Energy Energy
30 3 Energy Energy
60 3 Energy Energy
100 5 Energy Energy
Every 50 days 5 Energy Energy

Note: After the 100th overall day, 5 Energy is awarded at every increment of 50 overall days (150, 200, 250, etc.).

Events Edit

For all current and past login bonus events, see Login Bonus/Events.

New Player Login Bonus Edit

[Newcomers Event Live!] Recruit A'misandra and receive her job change items! (April 25, 2017 - ongoing)

New players have a special login bonus alongside the normal login bonuses for their first 7 days. They also receive A'misandra at level 15 as their starting healer and additional Energy in their first 5 overall login bonuses.

Log-in # Reward
1 Coins 10,000 Coins
Companion Ticket Companion Ticket x3
Benevolent Fang Benevolent Fang x15
2 Terra Staffwood Terra Staffwood x15
Animaton Animaton x3
Coin Boost Coin Boost x3
3 Metal Ticket Metal Ticket x4
EXP Boost EXP Boost x3
4 Coins 20,000 Coins
Fellowship Ticket Fellowship Ticket x3
Tail of Insight Tail of Insight x15
5 Metal Ticket Metal Ticket x3
Asclepius Asclepius
Dark Matter Dark Matter x3
6 Fellowship Ticket Fellowship Ticket x2
Time Extension Time Extension x3
Disarmer Disarmer x3
7 Coins 70,000 Coins
Metal Ticket Metal Ticket x3
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