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For each Anti-Ice Capsule chained, all party members take reduced Ice damage by 10% for five turns. This stacks additively, so two capsules will result in a 20% reduction, and five capsules will make your party 50% resistant to Ice. Up to five capsules can be on the battlefield at once, waiting to be consumed. Leviathan, unlike Bahamut, will not clear your Ice resistance, so stacking as many capsules as you can will reduce much of the damage you take on this stage.

Three characters have the capsule ability:

Levitation on this stage allows the player to totally ignore the mechanics of Maelstrom, which negates the damage and negates the confusion that comes with it.

Many characters have access to Levitation, All (to protect the whole party):

If you do bring a levitation character, whenever Levitation is chained, the Conchio's Mines will rise out of the ground and explode, potentially damaging many members on your team. So, avoid chaining your levitation character if there are mines on the ground, or if you do, make sure everyone is out of its Cross (All) attack.

Another additional character that can deal ice damage is needed to break Leviathan's barrier. Without an ice-character, the fight will take 10 times longer. Any character that deals ice damage is fine, since it just takes 16 hits from ice attacks, but a character like Zan can also deal fire damage to offset the ice damage.

This is the standard way to kill Leviathan Omega, by following his pattern, and stacking up Anti-Ice Capsules so you can survive Icicle. Additional characters that do Fire damage are recommended (Amazora, O'pari, Bahamut, etc.). Also, strong physical damage dealers can work as well, but they have a higher chance to die to Icicle or other ice attacks if not enough capsules are used.

Lastly, it's a good idea to kill most of the starting minions. Leaving one minion alive means Leviathan won't summon reinforcements, and the best enemy to leave alive is Selena, as she only does ice damage, but it's easily mitigated with your capsule stacking. Be careful when using AoE attacks.

With that, it's just a fight of attrition: keeping ice capsules stacked, using power points, and double pincering Leviathan.

Overall, the team should look like:

  • Capsule user
  • Levitation user
  • Ice user
  • healer
  • additional damage dealer
  • additional damage dealer/healer/Clarity user


There's a few alternatives if you can't field all of the required abilities.

The first is O'pari's Ice Dmg Down, Adjacent, which can help characters survive Icicle without Ice Capsules. This requires Levitation, as most characters will die while confused to the following Absolute Zero Breath, 1 Column without ice protection.

The second is Metupi providing extra magic defense to your levitation user (and Nakupi for Fire users). This will ensure your levitation user survives after Icicle to protect you from Maelstrom. Most Fire-damage dealers have their own Anti-Ice Shield, and better magic defense to possibly survive Icicle.

As for substitutes for Levitation: characters with Evasive Arts (Lunaken, Lunato, Olber) can buff other characters to avoid some damage from Maelstrom (but it won't avoid the confusion). Lastly, it's possible to field a team that can survive Maelstrom and the following attack by relying on Regen (Palpa, and many others) and combined with a healer with Heal x1.5, All. Stacking those two buffs can allow regen to heal over 3000 HP per turn. Regen will always heal even if players are confused and your turn is skipped.

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