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Leviathan Evolved is a quest available through [Arena] > [Descent Quests]. It features the evolved form of Leviathan, Neo Leviathan, who has a chance to drop Cobalt Goblet. It was first available as a limited-time event from December 5-15, 2014.

Dungeon Statistics

Levithan Evolved
Stamina Cost: 25
Difficulty: 45
Battles: 5
XP: 17480
XP/stam: 699
Coins: 796-829
SwordIcon.png: 0 BowIcon.png: 0 SpearIcon.png: 0 StaffIcon.png: 17 Skill icon 136.png: 0 Skill icon 137.png: 0
FireIcon.png: 0 IceIcon.png: 15 LightningIcon.png: 0 DarkIcon.png: 0 Skill icon 113.png: 0 Skill icon 114.png: 0

Battle 1

Leviathan Evolved 1.png

Battle 2

Leviathan Evolved 2.png

Battle 3

Leviathan Evolved 3.png

Battle 4

Leviathan Evolved 4.png

Battle 5

Leviathan Evolved 5.png

  • A Golden Runner LV45 may sometimes show up at the start of any battle besides the last one.


  • One of the following:
    • Leviathan icon.png Leviathan (40%) - if Leviathan has not been recruited
    • Cobalt Goblet.png Cobalt Goblet (50%) - if Leviathan has been recruited and Cobalt Goblet has not been obtained
    • One random Particle (20%) - if Leviathan and Cobalt Goblet have been obtained
  • One companion (40%):
  • Chiton icon.png Chiton (4.2%) - Chiton (Black) x5, Neo Leviathan reinforcements

Luck Treasure Chests

Note: This is an incomplete list. Please contribute by adding missing drops.
Chest Possible Rewards
A Coins.png 500 Coins, Terra Staffwood.png Terra Staffwood, Fire Ring.png Fire Ring, Ice Ring.png Ice Ring, Lightning Ring.png Lightning Ring, Dark Ring.png Dark Ring, White Ring.png White Ring, Green Ring.png Green Ring
B Coins.png 500 Coins, Terra Staffwood.png Terra Staffwood, Fire Ring.png Fire Ring, Ice Ring.png Ice Ring, Lightning Ring.png Lightning Ring, Dark Ring.png Dark Ring, White Ring.png White Ring, Green Ring.png Green Ring
C Cobalt Goblet.png Cobalt Goblet, Chiton icon.png Chiton
D Metal Ticket.png Metal Ticket, Fellowship Ticket.png Fellowship Ticket, Companion Ticket.png Companion Ticket
Luck 80 Leviathan icon.png Leviathan, Glacial Wand icon.png Glacial Wand, Blizzard Rod icon.png Blizzard Rod
Luck 100 Leviathan icon.png Leviathan, Blizzard Rod icon.png Blizzard Rod


Tales of Leviathan and her kin have long been recounted in myth and fable, in epic poetry and song.

The storytellers hail from myriad of tongues. Yet, somehow, they've found common threads.

How could such similar myths arise among people dwelling so far apart?

Her colossal serpentine coils writhe and billow like the waves. With each undulation, something spills forth.

It appears to be foam.

Yet it's more than that.

Each tiny bubble is a fragment of the imagination that shapes her into who and what she is.

Faith is a bridge that connects the Maker's thoughts with the hopes and aspirations of her children.

The images that stream across are of mortal making...and yet not.

The collective unconscious is comprised of vivid memories and emotions channeled by the Maker.

This is the true nature of the myths that survive around the world.

Which would mean that Leviathan and her kin are naught but inventions of the Maker.

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