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Items are primarily used in upgrading Characters, Companions and Eidolons. They are consumed upon use. A player's currently held items can be viewed by going to [Main] > [Items]. The maximum number of an item that can be held at once is 99,999.

Items can be obtained as drops from enemies during quests. Some specific items can be found more commonly in the Hunting Zones.

List of items Edit

Tickets Edit

Tickets are consumables used to access certain content one time at no cost.

Metal Ticket Metal Ticket
Fellowship Ticket Fellowship Ticket
Companion Ticket Companion Ticket

Power-up items Edit

Power-up items are consumables used to give the player an advantage in quests. Only one may be used at a time.

EXP Boost EXP Boost
Coin Boost Coin Boost
Time Extension Time Extension
Disarmer Disarmer
Reinforcement Alika Reinforcement Alika
Reinforcement Gugba Reinforcement Gugba
Reinforcement Bajanna Reinforcement Bajanna
Reinforcement Zeera Reinforcement Zeera

Candy items Edit

Candy items are consumables that boost a stat for a character.

Level Candy Level Candy
Level Candybox Level Candybox
Skill Candy Skill Candy
Skill Candybox Skill Candybox
Luck Candy Luck Candy
Luck Candybox Luck Candybox
Mech Skill Drop Mech Skill Drop

Animata items Edit

Animata items are used in the Trading Post.

Animata Core
Animata Egg Animata Egg
Animata Claw Animata Claw
Animata Eye Animata Eye
Animata Hair Animata Hair
Animata Breath Animata Breath
Animata Bone Animata Bone
Animata Tail Animata Tail
Animata Mustache Animata Mustache

Species-type items Edit

Species-type items, also known as race-specific items, are used in upgrades based on species.

Human Serenity Shoot Serenity Shoot
Wisdom Flower Wisdom Flower
Lizardfolk Benevolent Fang Benevolent Fang
Tail of Insight Tail of Insight
Beastfolk Claw of Fate Claw of Fate
Pelt of Knowledge Pelt of Knowledge
Stonefolk Forlorn Stone Forlorn Stone
Shell of Madness Shell of Madness
Celestial Wisp of Jealousy Wisp of Jealousy
Cipher Cell Cipher Cell
Dragon Mangled Horn Mangled Horn
Sentient Flame Sentient Flame
Wild Beast Lustrous Tail Lustrous Tail
Ignorant Flea Ignorant Flea
Oxsecian Tranquil Clock Tranquil Clock
Tome of Enlightenment Tome of Enlightenment

Weapon-type items Edit

Weapon-type items are used in upgrades based on weapon types.

Sword Terra Swordsteel Terra Swordsteel
Spear Terra Spearbronze Terra Spearbronze
Bow Terra Bowstring Terra Bowstring
Staff Terra Staffwood Terra Staffwood

Attribute-type items Edit

Attribute-type items, also known as elemental rings, are used in upgrades based on attributes.

Fire Fire Ring Fire Ring
Ice Ice Ring Ice Ring
Lightning Lightning Ring Lightning Ring
Darkness Dark Ring Dark Ring
Sun Solar Ring Solar Ring
Moon Lunar Ring Lunar Ring
Photon Photon Ring Photon Ring
Graviton Graviton Ring Graviton Ring
Healing White Ring White Ring
Remedy Green Ring Green Ring

Tears Edit

Tears are used to add the second job of A Class and B Class characters. They are also used to evolve companions of all classes.

Spirit Tears Spirit Tears
Moon Tears Moon Tears
Rainbow Tears Rainbow Tears
Sea Tears Sea Tears

Particles Edit

Particles are used to add the third job of A Class and B Class characters. They are also used to evolve B, C and D Class companions.

Spirit Particle Spirit Particle
Lore Particle Lore Particle
Wish Particle Wish Particle
Warped Particle Warped Particle

Ores Edit

Ores are used to add the second and third jobs of Z, SS and S Class characters. They are also used to evolve A Class companions.

Orichalcum Orichalcum
Dark Matter Dark Matter
Animaton Animaton
Oxsecium Oxsecium

Stars Edit

Stars are used to add the third job of Z Class characters.

Dark Star Dark Star
Evanescent Star Evanescent Star
Shooting Star Shooting Star
Binary Star Binary Star

Recode DNA items Edit

Recode DNA items are used in recoding certain characters.

Physical Deepwater Helix Deepwater Helix 26-5
Magical Mantle Helix Mantle Helix 28-6
Other Temporal Helix Temporal Helix 28-3
Flawless Helix Flawless Helix 28-9
Sword Black Hole Black Hole 19-5
Spear White Hole White Hole 25-7
Bow Wormhole Wormhole 23-3
Mage Ether Ether 23-10
Support Elixir Elixir 21-7

Z Class items Edit

Z Class items are used to add the third job of Z Class characters.

Sword Heartwood Sword Heartwood Sword 20-1
Bow Heartwood Bow Heartwood Bow 13-8
Spear Heartwood Spear Heartwood Spear 24-10
Staff (Mage) Heartwood Wand Heartwood Wand 22-5
Staff (Support) Heartwood Pendant Heartwood Pendant 14-4
Other Gyros Gyros 9-3

SS Class items Edit

SS Class items, also known as Legendary Weapons, are used to add the third job of SS Class characters. They are also used to evolve S Class companions.

Sword Excalibur Excalibur 18-10
Spear Gungnir Gungnir 10-10
Bow Apollo Apollo 19-10
Fire Flame of Indra Flame of Indra 12-2
Ice Gae Bolg Gae Bolg 8-10
Lightning Vajra (Item) Vajra 11-10
Darkness Masamune Masamune 14-10
Healing Asclepius Asclepius 16-10

Unique items Edit

An item used to add the second job of the starter characters, Bahl and Grace.

Terra Fragment Terra Fragment 4-10

An item used to recode Palpa into Palpa Λ.

Locket of Vows Locket of Vows 31-1

An item used to recode Suoh (into Suoh Λ) and Camellia (into Camellia Λ).

Pig Snout Pig Snout 22-10

Items used to add jobs of Dracorin.

Smooth Sensation Smooth Sensation Cryptid Forest
Drifting Horn Drifting Horn
Shiny Scale Shiny Scale
Stylish Hoof Stylish Hoof

Event items Edit

Event items can only be obtained from limited time in-game events. Most are used for upgrading event characters from the same event.

Bahamut Caladbolg Caladbolg
Caladcholg Caladcholg
Leviathan Cobalt Goblet Cobalt Goblet
Trident Trident
Odin Amethyst Flame Amethyst Flame
Rune Rune
Jade Dragon Jade Magatama Jade Magatama
Thunderbird Wing Thunderbird Wing
Nephrite Dragon Nephrite Kudatama Nephrite Kudatama
Blackbird Wing Blackbird Wing
Echo Λ
Crust Loop Crust Loop
Mantle Loop Mantle Loop
Core Loop Core Loop
Moggy's Sunglasses Moggy's Sunglasses
Lucia Λ
Ancient Map Ancient Map
Compass Compass
Lantern Lantern
Captive Golem Formless Clay Formless Clay
Parchment Parchment
Nia Λ
Ice Essence Ice Essence
White Essence White Essence
Mana Stone Mana Stone
Clara Bloody Coat of Arms Bloody Coat of Arms
Radiant Glory Radiant Glory
Noctis Dish and Chips Dish and Chips
Grease Monkey's Schnitzel Sandwich Grease Monkey's Schnitzel Sandwich
Garulessandwich Garulessandwich
Morgana Improvement Module Improvement Module
Expansion Module Expansion Module
Evolution Module Evolution Module
Axion Dragon Slippery Sand Slippery Sand
Holy Dragon Conceptual Canvas Conceptual Canvas
Recode DNA
Bahamut Recoded Bahamut's Fang Bahamut's Fang
Leviathan Recoded Leviathan's Fang Leviathan's Fang
Odin Recoded Odin's Fang Odin's Fang
Lucia the Explorer Key of Hearts Key of Hearts
Key of Diamonds Key of Diamonds
Vengeful Heart Magic Flute Magic Flute
Necklace Necklace
Illusion Flute Illusion Flute
Final Fantasy XV Ingredient (Item) Leiden Potato
Ingredient (Item) Cleigne Wheat
Ingredient (Item) Garula Sirloin
Ingredient (Item) Garulessa Steak

Eidolon items Edit

Eidolon items are used to strengthen Eidolons.

Physical The Emperor The Emperor
Magical The Hierophant The Hierophant
Sword Knight of Swords Knight of Swords
Spear Knight of Spears Knight of Spears
Bow Knight of Bows Knight of Bows
Staff Knight of Wands Knight of Wands
Fire The Sun The Sun
Ice The Moon The Moon
Lightning Judgment Judgment
Darkness The Tower The Tower
Healing Knight of Chalices Knight of Chalices
Remedy Knight of Pentacles Knight of Pentacles
Solar Seal of Favor Seal of Favor
Lunar Seal of Intimacy Seal of Intimacy
Apollo Sacred Mirror Sacred Mirror
Artemis Celestial Bow Celestial Bow
Bahamut Naegling Naegling
Chaos Codex Runicus Codex Runicus
King Orbling Star Crystal Star Crystal
Lamia Harpe Harpe
Leviathan Varunastra Varunastra
Odin Tyrfing Tyrfing
Phoenix Hotarumaru Hotarumaru
Raijin Raikiri Raikiri
Selene Nightbloom Nightbloom
Valkyrie Balmung Balmung

Unused beta items Edit

These items were previously found in the game during the beta. They are no longer available in the current game.

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