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The Huntland is a menu option that contains training quests where the player can gain experience, obtain job items, or recruit some material monsters for Recode DNA. From the Huntland, players can access the Metal Zone, Hunting Zone, Strikes Back Quests, and Daily Quests.

Challenging quests can be accessed from the Arena.


  • Metal Zone
    • All Hail the King, Lv. 1-19
    • All Hail the King, Lv. 20-29
    • All Hail the King, Lv. 30-39
    • All Hail the King, Lv. 40-49
    • All Hail the King, Lv. 50-59
    • All Hail the King, Lv. 60-69
    • All Hail the King, Lv. 70-89
    • Dragon Road
    • Machine Road


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