Hiso God
No. 413
Class Z
Level Required 25
Upgrade EXP 3,895 × Level
Sell Price 450 × Level
Hiso God Icon other 01.png
Hiso God.png
LV 1 80
ATK 1 30
DEF 1 30
MATK 1 30
MDEF 1 30
Skill Freq. 30% 100%
SB Freq. 100% (SB chance: 2%)
Total EXP 2,225,923
Skill icon 92.png Hiso God's Revelation, Self
Chain: Stealth + Time Trap / Rift Ward
Evolve Companion

Description[edit | edit source]

This is what it looks like when you really overdo it trying to become a creature spoken of in legends. At least, that seems to be the case with this little guy. Real talk, nobody knows who or what this is and we mustn't find out.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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