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For the Companion, see Hiso Alien (Companion).

Hiso Alien is a mascot character of Mistwalker and Terra Battle.

In-game appearances


The Origin of Hiso (Arsenic) Alien

On December 2, 2012, NASA made an announcement of the discovery of a new bacteria which makes DNA with arsenic instead of phosphorus. It was quite disappointing news for many people because prior to the official announcement, we have been informed that the announcement will be about the discovery of astrobiology which affects the quest for evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. On the internet, there were many speculations, such as it could be discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life, or discovery of UFO debris. Many people were very excited and the discussion was heated.

During those hype time, Hiso Alien was born. (^^;

Recently, some researchers have been doubting the evidence for this bacteria; even its existence is shaky. At the end, Hiso Alien might be the only survivor?!

— Hiso Alien on the Mistwalker Corporation site