Green Ring is an item used for upgrading remedy types.

It is possible to infinitely farm Green Rings from Chapter 33-9. When the boss is alone, it will summon a Modded Oxsecian Medicbot, which has a 12% chance to drop a Green Ring. (It also has a 10% chance to drop a Mangled Horn.) By avoiding the boss and repeatedly defeating the summon, a player can obtain as many Green Rings as desired. (video)

The only alternative farming locations for players without access to Chapter 33 are Pudding Time and Lamia.

Usage Edit

Add Jobs Edit

Used in quantities of 15.

Z Class

S Class

A Class

B Class

Recode DNA Edit

Used in quantities of 15.

Used in quantities of 5.

Strengthen Eidolons Edit

Used in quantities of 5.

Evolve Companions Edit

Used in quantities of 15.

Drop locations Edit

Drops from remedy-attribute enemies.

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