Ella Λ
Class Z
Species Human
Gender Female
Artist Yoshitomo Ikawa

Job 1

Ella Λ StaffIcon.png

Job 1

LV 1 90
HP 615 5593
ATK 33 300
DEF 32 291
MATK 55 500
MDEF 49 445
LV 1
Skill icon 100.png Magical Missile, Pincer Area (1), 50%
[Chain: Inflict x1 non-elemental and x0.5 character-weapon damage.]
LV 30
Skill icon 100.png Mystic Missile, Pincer Area (1), 30%
[Chain: Inflict x2 non-elemental and x0.7 character-weapon damage.]
LV 50
Skill icon 86.png Negotiator, 30%
[Chain: Increases rate of recruiting pincered, defeated monsters by 200% for 1 turn.]
LV 90
Skill icon 100.png Sorcery Missile, Pincer Area (1), 30%
[Chain: Inflict x3 non-elemental and x0.9 character-weapon damage.]

Skill slots

Available from skill slots
Job 1
Skill icon 04.png Defense +10%, Self, 30%
[Chain: DEF +10% for 2 turns.]
Skill icon 22.png HP +10%, Self
[Equip: HP +10%.]
Skill icon 50.png Sleep Ward, Self
[Equip: Confer immunity to sleep.]
Skill icon 12.png Hypno Missile, Area (2), 30%
[Chain: Apply sleep (50% chance) for 3 turns and inflict x1 character-weapon damage.]
Job 2
Skill icon 26.png Magic Defense +10%, Self, 30%
[Chain: MDEF +10% for 2 turns.]
Skill icon 60.png Life Drain, Area (1), 30%
[Chain: Inflict x1.5 absorb damage (cap 700).]
Skill icon 52.png Confusion Ward, Self
[Equip: Confer immunity to confusion.]
Skill icon 21.png Confusion Missile, Area (2), 30%
[Chain: Apply confusion (50% chance) for 3 turns and inflict x1 character-weapon damage.]
Job 3
Skill icon 26.png Magic Defense +10%, Self
[Equip: MDEF +10%.]
Skill icon 54.png Petrification Ward, Self
[Equip: Confer immunity to petrification.]
Skill icon 56.png Death Ward, Self
[Equip: Confer immunity to instant death.]
Skill icon 20.png Defense -10%, Wild Beast, 30%
[Chain: DEF -10% for 2 turns.]

Profile[edit | edit source]

The Grand Minister of the Scarlet Kingdom, the Scarlet Mage.

The name "Ella" isn't a personal name, but a title bestowed to special counselors who had been serving kings of the Scarlet Kingdom since time immemorial.

No one seems to know much about the Ellas. Their lineage and background are shrouded in mystery. Yet somehow there would always be an Ella beside the King. It has been this way for hundreds of years in the Scarlet Kingdom.

It seemed like the natural order of things and no one felt the need to question it.

It was simply easier not to worry about it.

The Ellas sought to make people forget about their concerns and suffering, instilling in their hearts a sense of well-being.

Although it was just that - a perceived feeling of calm and happiness which had nothing to do with reality.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Additional recruitments grant a 3% skill boost and 1 Luck.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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