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Eidolons are supernatural beings that were once summonable in battle to aid the player. However, they have lost their purpose and are now mere relics for collection.

A list of all Eidolons owned by the player can be viewed from [Options] > [Eidolons].

List of Eidolons

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These Eidolons are available to all players from the start of the game.

Eidolon Quests

These Eidolons can be obtained as rewards from Eidolon Quests.


These Eidolons can only be obtained through purchases.

  • Xerxes (DLC with magazine)
  • Eir (DLC with magazine)


An eidolon's level is set to the owner's team level. Team level is computed as the average of 3 highest levels in the team or if the team contains only 2 characters, the average level of those two. The ATK and MATK is then set based on this level, using these formulas:

f = (level - 1)/(99 - 1)
ATK = floor([ATK at level 1] + ([ATK at level 99] - [ATK at level 1]) × f1.3)
MATK = floor([MATK at level 1] + ([MATK at level 99] - [MATK at level 1]) × f1.3)

where the known ATK/MATK are listed in the table below.

Eidolon ATK at level 1 ATK at level 99 MATK at level 1 MATK at level 99
Artemis 35 500 1 14
Bahamut 1 14 35 500
Chaos 1 14 35 500
Cosmic Healer Hiso 1 14 30 429
Cosmic Warrior Hiso 30 429 1 14
Eir 34 476 30 420
King Orbling 35 500 1 14
Lamia 1 14 35 500
Leviathan 1 14 35 500
Odin 35 500 1 14
Phoenix 1 14 35 500
Raijin 1 14 35 500
Valkyrie 35 500 1 14
Xerxes 34 476 34 476


  • Eidolons were introduced along with Co-op Mode in version 2.0.0.
  • The Eidolons fought in Eidolon quests are the only creatures with the "Eidolon" species.
  • Version 5.5.0 removed Co-op and VS Mode, making Eidolons unsummonable and turning them into collectibles.
    • Eidolons were only summoned in Co-op Mode and VS Mode through the use of a summoning point. Tapping the screen during other players' turns will charge the summoning gauge, which will spawn a summoning point when full. The strength of the Eidolon is determined by the overall level of the player's team.
    • Eidolons were strengthened through the [Strengthen Eidolons] menu in the Tavern. Most Eidolons could be strengthened by using items found in Eidolon co-op quests.

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