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Daiana Λ
Class SS
Species Stonefolk
Gender Female
Artist Yoshitomo Ikawa

Job 1

Daiana Λ StaffIcon.pngFireIcon.png

Job 1

LV 1 90
HP 601 5513
ATK 31 286
DEF 29 266
MATK 51 467
MDEF 54 495
LV 1
Skill icon 07.png Inferno, Pincer Area (1) + Row, 20%
[Chain: Inflict x2 fire damage.]
LV 30
Skill icon 24.png Magic Attack +10%, Self
[Equip: MATK +10%.]
LV 50
Skill icon 133.png Twister Ward, Self
[Equip: Invulnerable to twisters.]
LV 90
Skill icon 07.png Big Bang, Pincer Area (1), 30%
[Chain: Inflict x3.5 fire damage.]
Recode DNA requirements

Skill slots

Available from skill slots
Job 1
Skill icon 07.png Fire, Pincer Area (1), 50%
[Chain: Inflict x1 fire damage.]
Skill icon 26.png Magic Defense +10%, Self, 30%
[Chain: Boost MDEF by 10% for 2 turns.]
Skill icon 57.png Anti-Ice Capsule, Chain, 30%
[Chain: Create a capsule point that reduces ice damage by 10% per capsule for all allies.]
Skill icon 37.png Mantle Chunk, Cross (1), 30%
[Chain: Inflict x1.5 fire damage.]
Job 2
Skill icon 30.png Megabow, 50%
[Pincer: Inflict x1 bow damage.]
Skill icon 03.png Attack +10%, Equip
[Passive: Boost ATK by 10%.]
Skill icon 54.png Petrification Guard, Equip
[Passive: +50% resistance to petrification.]
Skill icon 30.png Gigabow, Area (1), 30%
[Chain: Inflict x2 bow damage.]
Job 3
Skill icon 43.png Anti-Ice Shield, Equip
[Passive: Reduce ice damage by 40%.]
Skill icon 07.png Inferno, Pincer Area (1), 30%
[Chain: Inflict x2 fire damage.]
Skill icon 07.png Blazing Counter, 30%
[Counter: Inflict x1.5 fire damage.]
Skill icon 07.png Solar Wind, Pincer Area (1), 30%
[Chain: Inflict x3 fire damage.]


The stonefolk realm of Prah is home to a number of formidable sorceresses. Daiana is one.

Coordinating seamlessly with familiars fashioned from magma, she can incinerate adversaries before they have time to blink.

On the downside, she also suffers a certain physical idiosyncrasy: her life energy bleeds away in a perpetual flow.

To stem it, Daiana hardly moves at all most days, instead harnessing the power of her familiars much as a carriage driver relies on horses.

In an attempt to replace her lost vitality, she often gulps down enough alcohol to set herself aflame.

This would mean frequent trips to the lavatory for most people. But since going is a hassle and would also cost her precious life energy, she's devised a special workaround.

The details are a secret.



  • Daiana Λ (Japanese: ダイアナ・Λ Daiana Λ)
  • Added in Version 4.1.1.
  • Daiana Λ's facial expression was decided by a poll in Mistwalker's Trial Broadcast. However, when Daiana Λ was initially released, it used none of the four choices in the poll. In Version 4.2.0, the facial expression was changed to what was originally promised and a 1 Energy.png Energy compensation was distributed to all players. The poll result (images by mango741 in Terra Battle Forum):

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