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Crystal Road is a dungeon permanently available through the Huntland > Hunting Zone.

Defeat Crystals holding treasure boxes, and you're guaranteed to get Metal Tickets and Power-Up Items that will come in handy during your journey!

A Metal Ticket will allow you to enter the Metal Zone in the Arena at any time - but just once.

Get Metal Tickets and train your characters!

— In-game tip

Quest Edit

Stamina Cost: 7
Difficulty: 15
Battles: 3
SwordIcon: 0 BowIcon: 0 SpearIcon: 0 StaffIcon: 8 Skill icon 136: 0 Skill icon 137: 0
FireIcon: 0 IceIcon: 0 LightningIcon: 0 DarkIcon: 0 Skill icon 113: 0 Skill icon 114: 0


Rewards Edit

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