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Find trusty companions to aid your quest, including a myriad of rare weapons and accessories. Welcome them with a righteous heart and forge lasting bonds on your travels together.

The Companions of Truth is where players can recruit rarer Companions by using Energy.png Energy. It can be accessed from [Tavern] > [Recruit].

Z, SS, S, A, and B class Companions are available from the Companions of Truth.

Base recruitment rates:

  • Z - 3%
  • SS - 8%
  • S - 10%
  • A - 30%
  • B - 49%

Modified rates during events can be viewed by tapping the [Lineup] button on the recruit screen.

More common Companions may be found in the Companions of Fellowship by using Coins.png Coins.


A single pull costs Energy.png 3 Energy.

Up to 10 pulls may be attempted at once for Energy.png 3 Energy each, costing Energy.png 30 Energy at 10 pulls.

One free recruitment may be performed every 24 hours by watching a video.

Companion Ticket.png Companion Tickets may be used in place of Energy for both pull options. If the player owns any Companion Tickets, they must all be used before the player may use Energy.

Companions start at level 1.

Available Companions

The following is a list of Companions that may be found in the Companions of Truth.

For a list of all Companions, see Companions/Comprehensive List.

A and B Class Companions with CoF beside their name may also be found in the Companions of Fellowship.

Companions marked with + can be upgraded from Fellowship companions, but can only be pulled from the Companions of Truth.

Companions marked with ++ can also be obtained via upgrade from a lower class Companion on this list.

A Class


Events no longer occur as of Version 5.5.0. Past events can be found on Companions of Truth/Events.


  • The Companions of Truth was added along with the Companions system in version 2.9.0 and released on August 21, 2015.
  • Pacts have different appearances depending on the rarity of the companion obtained.
    • Rainbow — Z Class
    • Gold — SS and S Class
    • Silver — A and B Class
  • A recruitment is not performed until the envelope is opened with a tap. It is possible to cancel a recruitment by tapping the "Back" button before opening the envelope.
  • Unlike the Pact of Truth, the Companions of Truth cannot be completed or emptied.
  • The Companions of Truth was previously not available until the player had completed Chapter 5.

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