This page lists the locations where Companions may be found through drops.

Icon Name Rarity Location
Avengers icon Avengers S Chapter 34-10 (Hard Mode)
Beastfolk Bow icon Beastfolk Bow D Chapter 16-7, Chapter 19-2, Chapter 24-8
Beastfolk Spear icon Beastfolk Spear D Chapter 13-3, Chapter 17-4, Chapter 31-7
Beastfolk Sword icon Beastfolk Sword D Chapter 12-1, Chapter 18-6, Chapter 25-1
Blazing Wand icon Blazing Wand C Bahamut Descended, Bahamut Evolved, Bahamut Ultra
Blizzard Rod icon Blizzard Rod B Leviathan Evolved, Leviathan Ultra
Bronze Rod icon Bronze Rod D Chapter 6-7, Chapter 9-6, Chapter 10-7, Chapter 11-9, Chapter 16-9, Chapter 18-5, Chapter 29-4, Chapter 34-1
Bronze Shield icon Bronze Shield D Chapter 7-1, Chapter 8-4, Chapter 11-7, Chapter 13-2, Chapter 19-6, Chapter 22-2, Chapter 27-6, Chapter 32-1
Bronze Sword icon Bronze Sword D Chapter 6-2, Chapter 8-9, Chapter 9-5, Chapter 11-1, Chapter 12-3, Chapter 16-3, Chapter 18-8, Chapter 26-7
Comet Staff icon Comet Staff A Leviathan Ultra
Dark Blade icon Dark Blade D Chapter 7-3, Chapter 10-8, Chapter 11-2, Chapter 17-2, Chapter 19-3, Chapter 24-7, Chapter 28-7
Darkling Wand icon Darkling Wand C Chapter 14-5, Chapter 31-6
Demon's Badge icon Demon's Badge D Chapter 30-9
Demon's Tear icon Demon's Tear D Chapter 34-5
Faerie's Amulet icon Faerie's Amulet C Chapter 27-9
Faerie's Badge icon Faerie's Badge D Chapter 21-4
Faerie's Tear icon Faerie's Tear D Chapter 31-2
Fine Shield icon Fine Shield C Chapter 16-5, Chapter 30-6
Fire Visor icon Fire Visor D Chapter 9-9
Frog's Amulet icon Frog's Amulet C Chapter 29-2
Frog's Badge icon Frog's Badge D Chapter 10-3, Chapter 15-4
Frog's Tear icon Frog's Tear D Chapter 12-9
Glacial Wand icon Glacial Wand C Leviathan Descended, Leviathan Evolved, Leviathan Ultra
Golem's Badge icon Golem's Badge D Chapter 17-9
Golem's Tear icon Golem's Tear D Chapter 24-1
Hiso's Badge icon Hiso's Badge D Chapter 26-2
Hiso's Tear icon Hiso's Tear D Chapter 19-7
Ice Helmet icon Ice Helmet C Chapter 26-3
Ice Visor icon Ice Visor D Chapter 13-5
Icestorm Wand icon Icestorm Wand D Chapter 22-4
Inferno Rod icon Inferno Rod B Bahamut Evolved, Bahamut Ultra
Iron Bow icon Iron Bow C Chapter 33-5
Iron Spear icon Iron Spear C Chapter 21-1, Odin Descended, Odin Evolved, Odin Ultra
Iron Sword icon Iron Sword C Chapter 28-5
Killer Bow icon Killer Bow C Chapter 27-3, Chapter 33-7, Chapter 34-7
Light Shield icon Light Shield C Chapter 25-8, Chapter 33-4, Chapter 34-3
Lightning Helmet icon Lightning Helmet C Chapter 22-6
Lightning Shield icon Lightning Shield B Hunting the Jade Dragon (Route C/D)
Lightning Visor icon Lightning Visor D Chapter 8-6
Mantle Staff icon Mantle Staff A Bahamut Ultra
Mariner's Spear icon Mariner's Spear C Chapter 18-4, Chapter 29-6
Metal Minion icon Metal Minion B Metal Zones (All)
Metal Minion Λ icon Metal Minion Λ A Chapter 34-10, Metal Zones (3, 4, 5, 6)
Pig's Amulet icon Pig's Amulet C Chapter 34-9
Pig's Badge icon Pig's Badge D Chapter 13-9
Pig's Tear icon Pig's Tear D Chapter 15-8
Quickfire Bow icon Quickfire Bow D Chapter 7-8, Chapter 8-8, Chapter 14-6, Chapter 15-5, Chapter 21-2, Chapter 26-8, Chapter 27-4
Rat's Badge icon Rat's Badge D Chapter 25-4
Rat's Tear icon Rat's Tear D Chapter 25-5
Seeker's Sword icon Seeker's Sword C Chapter 17-7, Chapter 32-2
Shadow Helmet icon Shadow Helmet C Chapter 23-7
Shadow Visor icon Shadow Visor D Chapter 14-7
Shadowstorm Wand icon Shadowstorm Wand D Chapter 23-1
Shield of Veracity icon Shield of Veracity D Chapter 7-6, Chapter 10-6, Chapter 13-10, Chapter 16-1, Chapter 18-7, Chapter 19-9, Chapter 30-2
Shield of Vigilance icon Shield of Vigilance C Chapter 11-6, Chapter 28-1
Silver Spear icon Silver Spear B Odin Evolved, Odin Ultra
Small Shield icon Small Shield D Chapter 8-1, Chapter 10-4, Chapter 14-8, Chapter 15-2, Chapter 21-8, Chapter 24-4, Chapter 27-5, Chapter 33-2
Stalwart Sword icon Stalwart Sword C Chapter 24-2, Chapter 31-9, Chapter 32-9
Steel Shield icon Steel Shield C Chapter 26-4, Chapter 32-4
Sunstorm Wand icon Sunstorm Wand D Chapter 21-5
Thunderstorm Wand icon Thunderstorm Wand D Chapter 22-9
Trident (Companion) icon Trident A Odin Ultra
Twilight Wand icon Twilight Wand D Chapter 9-4, Chapter 12-8, Chapter 15-7, Chapter 25-3, Chapter 32-3
White Shield icon White Shield D Chapter 7-4, Chapter 9-2, Chapter 12-6, Chapter 14-9, Chapter 17-6, Chapter 22-7, Chapter 23-8, Chapter 33-6
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