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Companions are accessories and creatures that may be equipped to Characters to provide stat bonuses and extra skills.

Companions may be found from the Companions of Fellowship for Coins.png 2,000 Coins per pull and the Companions of Truth for Energy.png 3 Energy per pull. Both are accessed through [Tavern] > [Recruit].

Companions may also be obtained as drops from some story Chapters and various quests.

Companion lists


This section is a copy of information available from the Terra Battle playguide with minor edits.

The Companions System

Each character can equip one Companion. Once equipped, its base parameters will be added to the character (Attack, Defense, Magic Attack, and Magic Defense). There is also a chance that the Companion's skill will activate during battle.

You can check your available Companions by tapping [Main] > [Companions].

The Companions list and Capacity

It is possible to obtain multiple copies of the same Companion. A few Companions have a limit on how many copies you can have, such as the Samatha Companion. No more copies will drop if you already have the max number of that Companion.

The current limit on Companions is 1000. If you have more Companions than the limit, you may not enter a stage until you sell or feed away Companions to meet the limit. If a Gift message is received when you are at the limit, a warning will be displayed that indicates the message cannot be opened until you remove some Companions.

How to equip Companions

Companions may be equipped from a Character's Status screen.

In the Character's Status screen, the Companions list will display when tapping the arrow next to the Companion slot. The desired Companion may be equipped by selecting it from the Companions list.

* To equip a Companion, the current job level of the character must meet the required job level set to each Companion.

* Companions may be equipped even when the character does not meet the level requirements but the Companions effects will not be activated, so please keep that in mind.

* A Companion may only be equipped to one character at a time. Attempting to equip a Companion that has already been equipped to another character will give you an option to swap the companion.

Companions Skills

The Companion's skill will activate based on the Skill frequency of the Companion at its current level.

Factors such as Skill Boost of the equipping character, Skill Boost debuffs the character receives during battle, or other status ailments will not affect the Companions.

Also, the Skill frequency of the Companion when the Powered Point is activated will be the Skill frequency of the Companion at its max level. (The Skill frequency at max level will not always be 100%.)

* Companion skills can grant skill boosts to the equipping character. For a list of Companions that are useful for increasing Characters' SB%, refer to the Skill Boost Farming page.

Companions Stats Formula

To find the companion stats at level i, use this formula:

'vMin + (vMax - vMin) * ((currentLevel - 1) / (maxLevel - 1))'

with vmin and vmax the min and max values of your stat (like skill activation probability or attack)

Upgrade Companions

For a more detailed description and EXP tables, see Companions/Upgrade.

Companions can gain experience points and increase in level by fusing with other Companions. When its level increases, its stats will improve.

When strengthening, there is a rare chance that a "+" mark will appear. When a "+" mark appears, the EXP that can be gained will receive a special bonus.

* Strengthening will require coins in addition to Companion. The coins required will differ depending on the base Companion.

* The Companion that have been used as a material will be consumed and removed from the Companions list (they may be re-obtained by finding them again).

Evolve Companions

Companions are able to evolve into higher class versions. To evolve a Companion, the following evolution requirements must be met:

  • The Companion has an evolution available
  • The evolving Companion is at its max level (the max level will differ between Companions)
  • You possess the required items and coins

* When a Companion is evolved, the Companion before the evolution will be consumed and removed from the Companions list (they may be re-obtained by finding them again).

Selling Companions

Companions may be sold for coins by tapping [Main] > [Companions] > [Sell] and selecting a Companion. The same Companion may sell at a different price depending on its level.

* Companions that are currently equipped will be indicated as such during the sale confirmation screen but can still be sold.

Warnings regarding Companion selling and strengthening

Please keep in mind that it is not possible to undo the [Upgrade Companions] or [Sell] process. Companions that have been consumed in this fashion, even accidentally, cannot be restored under any circumstances.

Companion Compendium

A list of Companions that have been owned at least once can be seen via [Options] > [Companion Compendium].

* The level indicated in the book will reflect the highest level version of that particular Companion that you have ever had in your possession.


  • The Companions system was added in version 2.9.0 and released on August 21, 2015.
  • Companions are called OTOMO (おとも) in the Japanese version of Terra Battle.
  • The drop chance of Companions from story chapters is a value separate from items and recruitment chances.
  • In version 4.1.0, the companion capacity increased from 300 to 500.
  • Version 4.8.0 increased the companion capacity to 700.
  • Version 5.5.0 increased the companion capacity to 1000.

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