Coins are a type of currency in Terra Battle. They are used in various upgrades and can also be used to pull from the Tavern.

Earning coins Edit

Coins can be obtained from login bonuses and as drops from most quests.

Increasing coins earned Edit

  • Money Bags
  • Coin Bonus - Bajanna, Lucky Coin, Reinforcement Bajanna
    • Passive skill that increases coins earned based on the combo modifier.
    • Multiples of this skill do not stack.
  • Pickpocket / Mug
    • Yulia - Two active skills that have a 30% chance to steal 25% of pincered enemies' base coins.
    • Rascal★ - One active skill that has a 30% chance to steal 20% of pincered enemies' base coins.
    • Haggo - One active skill that has a 30% chance to steal 15% of Area(1) enemies' base coins.
    • A limit of 4 successful steals may be performed on the same enemy.
  • Coin Boost Coin Boost
    • Increases coins earned by 50%.

Selling companions Edit

Companions can be obtained outside of the Companions of Fellowship/Truth as drops from certain quests and Metal Zones.

Selling companions
Class Coins
Golden Minion Λ Coins 40,000
Metal Minion ΛΛ Coins 20,000
Glassy Minion Λ Coins 10,000
Metal Minion Λ Coins 3,000
Metal Minion Coins 500
Z Coins 450 × Level
SS Coins 400 × Level
S Coins 300 × Level
A Coins 250 × Level
B Coins 200 × Level
C Coins 150 × Level
D Coins 100 × Level

Metal Minions are worth notably more coins than normal companions. This makes farming them from Metal Zones and selling them a viable alternative to earning coins when Attack of the Coin Creeps is not available.

The most efficient way to obtain Metal Minions is by farming Metal Tickets from Chapter 6-8 and using the tickets on the highest level Metal Zone available from the Arena. Running 6-8 with Treasure Hunter characters or when the chapter's item drop rate is boosted by the Daily Bonus will increase the efficiency.

Tip: Upgrading a level 1 companion using one Metal Minion (B Class) makes the companion worth slightly more coins than if the companion and Metal Minion were sold separately.

(Metal Minion to Metal Minion Λ) 10*500 + 1,106 = 6,106 coins invested

(Metal Minion Λ to Metal Minion ΛΛ) 3*3,000 + 2,106 = 11,106 coins invested

(Metal Minion to Metal Minion ΛΛ) 3*(10*500 + 1,106) + 2,106 = 20,424 coins invested

Tip 2: Mathematically, it is worth it to merge Metal Minion Λ drops before selling. However, do not merge regular Metal Minions.

Using coins Edit

Tavern Edit

Coins can be spent at the Tavern to recruit Characters via the Pact of Fate and Pact of Fellowship for 3,000 coins per pull, or find Companions via the Companions of Fellowship for 2,000 coins per pull. If a player has enough coins to pull more than once, the player can choose to pull up to 10 times at once. (Note that all Fellowship Tickets must be used before coins can be used.)

Type Cost
Pact of Fate (Coins) Coins 3,000
Pact of Fellowship Coins 3,000
Companions of Fellowship Coins 2,000

Character upgrades Edit

Coins are also needed along with the required items when upgrading characters through Add Jobs and Recode DNA. The cost to perform these upgrades varies, depending on the type of upgrade and the class of the character.

Add Jobs
Class / Job Cost
Z Job 2 Coins 14,000
Z Job 3 Coins 28,000
SS Job 2 Coins 10,000
S Job 2
SS Job 3 Coins 20,000
S Job 3
A Job 2 Coins 8,000
B Job 2
A Job 3 Coins 16,000
B Job 3
Recode DNA
Recode to Cost
Z Class Coins 30,000
SS Class or lower Coins 20,000

Companion upgrades Edit

Companions need a set amount of coins along with the required items when evolving them.

Evolve Companions
Class Cost
SS > Z Coins 20,000
S > SS Coins 16,000
A > S Coins 12,000
B > A Coins 10,000
C > B Coins 8,000
D > C Coins 6,000

Metal Minion uses 1,106 coins to evolve into Metal Minion Λ.

Upgrade Companions

Upgrading companions has a cost that increases as the level of the base companion increases.

Coins required = 50 × (base companion's level) × (number of components)
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