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This page contains content that was in a previous version of the game, but has been completely removed from the current version.

Retired content: removed in Version 5.5.0

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Co-op Mode allows players to challenge content with the help of other players.

Co-op can be played in main story quests and special co-op quests. Players cannot participate in co-op until they have unlocked Chapter 4. Players with different game versions cannot play co-op mode with each other.

Coins and experience earned from co-op are given at 100% to the room host and 20% to guests. All other drops are given in full to all participants.

Eidolons can be used in all co-op modes and are chosen before starting or joining a room.

Co-op rooms

Co-op rooms come in two types: private and public. The Daily Bonus is determined by the timezone of the host's device. Power-up items cannot be used in co-op.

Private rooms require the host player to share a room number with other players, so that they can join the room. A private room can be made public by tapping the "Make Public Room" button. Main story quests can only be played in private rooms.

Public rooms can be joined by anyone who selects the same quest. Quick Matches are similar to public rooms, with match-ups determined by the game instead of the player.

When a room is full, the quest will start automatically after 30 seconds.

Main Story Co-op

Most main story quests can be played in co-op. Co-op in main story quests can only be done in private rooms. Players can only join a room if they have completed the selected chapter.

In main story co-op, the guest has a level limit of 5 plus the difficulty of the chapter. All of the guest's units with levels higher than this limit will have their levels reduced to the limit and skills above this limit will be unusable. The host has no level limit.

The following main story quests are not available for co-op:

Co-op Quests

Special co-op quests can be accessed from [Arena] > [Co-op Battle]. From there players can choose [Host Game] to create a room, or join an existing room. These quests can be attempted in public or private rooms. All characters brought to a co-op quest will have their levels and stats lowered to the quest's maximum level. This means that any skills that unlock at a level higher than the quest's maximum will not be used in the quest. This applies to both job skills and equipped skills.

The main appeal of co-op quests are the Eidolons which can only be obtained from these quests. The Eidolon enemies from these quests have a chance to drop themselves, as well as special items which can be used to strengthen them.

Co-op quests have a set of schedules for when they appear. Each set of quests lasts for a week and rotates to the next set every Wednesday at 00:00 UTC.

  1. Odin - I (LV25), II (LV45), III (LV65)
    Raijin - I (LV25), II (LV45), III (LV65)
  2. Bahamut - I (LV25), II (LV45), III (LV65)
    Artemis - I (LV25), II (LV45), III (LV65)
  3. King Orbling (LV35)
    Phoenix - I (LV25), II (LV45), III (LV65)
  4. Selene (LV65)
    Chaos - I (LV25), II (LV45), III (LV65)
  5. Apollo (LV35)
    Valkyrie - I (LV25), II (LV45), III (LV65)
  6. Lamia (LV35)
    Leviathan - I (LV25), II (LV45), III (LV65)

Quick Match

Quick Match can be accessed through [Arena] > [Co-op Battle] > [Quick Match]. This mode allows players to enter the special co-op quests for Eidolons and some main story quests at no stamina cost. Players are randomly set up with other quick match players and placed into a randomly chosen quest.

Characters have their levels limited to the quest difficulty +10 levels. All players receive 20% of the coins and experience earned. The drop rates of items and Eidolons in Quick Match are 50% lower than the usual rates.

The following Eidolon quests are available in Quick Match:

The following quests become available once they have been unlocked in the main story:

Note: Players will be locked out of Quick Match for 30 minutes if they disconnect or give up the quest. [1] Lock outs may also occur seemingly randomly when attempting to join Quick Match, or when other players disconnect.

First Contact Bonus

First contact bonuses are rewards granted by playing private co-op rooms with other players. The bonus is granted once for each unique player encountered in a private co-op room, for up to 20 first contact bonuses. Rewards are sent to the Messages inbox. Completing all 20 first contact bonuses grants a total of 20 Energy and 24 Metal Tickets.

Contact Number Bonus
1 1 Energy
2 1 Energy
3 1 Energy
4 1 Energy
5 3 Energy
6 1 Energy
7 1 Energy
8 1 Energy
9 1 Energy
10 3 Energy
11 3 Metal Tickets
12 3 Metal Tickets
13 3 Metal Tickets
14 3 Metal Tickets
15 3 Energy
16 3 Metal Tickets
17 3 Metal Tickets
18 3 Metal Tickets
19 3 Metal Tickets
20 3 Energy


  • The Co-op Mode beta went live with version 2.0.0 on January 22, 2015.
    • The official Terra Battle Facebook page released a short guide that can be found here.
    • Co-op Mode was officially out of beta after Version 2.5.0.
  • In version 2.5.0, rewards from co-op mode were changed so that coins and experience are only awarded to the room host. Item and monster drops are still given to all participants.
  • In version 2.6.0, rewards were adjusted again so that players joining a room are awarded 20% of the coins and experience earned. Room hosts still received 100% of the coins and experience.
    • This version also introduced Quick Match.
  • In version 2.7.0, the following changes were made to Quick Match: level limits added (difficulty+10); Main Scenario quests added; item and Eidolon drop rates reduced.
  • The first digit of a Co-op room number indicates the location of the server:
    • 0: EU
    • 1: North America
    • 2: Asia
    • 3: Japan
    • As of Version 4.6.0, the option to change multiplayer servers was removed and all players will use the Japan server.

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