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Characters are units that can be recruited by players and used in battle. Players start with a set of starter characters. More characters can be recruited from chapters, events, or the Pacts of Truth, Fellowship, and Fate. Characters are divided into Adventurers and Monsters — more information on their differences can be found on their respective pages.

Players can only have one copy of a character at a time. Characters with a Lambda (Λ) in their name are considered to be separate characters, so the Lambda and normal versions of a character may both be owned at the same time. Obtaining a duplicate character will increase one or more of the following parameters, depending on how it is obtained: Level, Skill Boost, or Luck.

Characters cannot be deleted manually; however, sorting options may be set to find desired characters more easily. Characters can be consumed through the Recode DNA process, which removes the base character and material monsters in exchange for a more powerful recoded character. Characters lost through Recode DNA may be re-obtained from their previously available locations.


The Characters menu allows a player to view all characters currently owned by the player. It displays each character's current job, available jobs, job levels, skill boost, and luck.


Selecting a character allows the player to view the character's Status screen, which displays the species, class, level, experience until the next level, stats, skill boost, luck, equipped companion, and skills.

Selecting the character's image displays a larger image and the character's profile text, if available.

The equipped companion may be swapped or removed by selecting the swap button next to the companion slot.

The player may also change jobs (by selecting another job's icon) and manage unlocked skill slots.


Characters may be sorted and filtered through the [Sort] button.

Two sort conditions may be chosen from the following list:

  • None, Date, Attribute, Weapon, Level, HP, ATK, DEF, MATK, MEF, Race, Rarity, SB, Luck

The sort order can be reversed by checking the "Reverse" option.

An additional filter may be set, which will darken characters that do not meet the selected requirements.
Any number of conditions may be chosen from the following lists:

There is also an option to reset all sort and filter options.

Party Formation

Players can organize parties of up to six characters through the [Party Formation] menu. A minimum of two characters is required for each party. A player can make 15 different parties; however, changes to a character's current job and skill slot set-up will be reflected throughout all parties.

A party's or squad's name can be changed by tapping on the name. Names can be up to 10 characters long.

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