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Bosses are difficult opponents that typically appear on the last battle of a dungeon. They have a frame of stylized golden flames.

Storyline Bosses

Event Bosses




Eidolon Bosses

1x1 Bosses

Bosses are usually 2x2 squares in size and cannot be surrounded for Outflank or attacked in a corner. However, bosses which are 1x1 in size are susceptible to Outflank and corner pincers.

Outflank is a skill that increases damage by 50% when an enemy unit is surrounded on all four sides by player units.

Corner pincers are when an enemy unit that is located in one of the four corners of the board is blocked vertically and horizontally by the player's units and is pincer attacked as a result.

The following bosses are 1x1 in size:

Recruitable Bosses

Normally, Bosses are unique enemies that cannot be found elsewhere in the game. However, these are the few who can be recruited to your team. Note that this list only includes Bosses from this page, including Event Bosses. If a boss doesn't have a confirmed drop for a Unit, but one of its regular unit counterparts does, it will not be included on this list.