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This page is about the character. For the enemy, see Blade Falcon (Enemy).
Blade Falcon
Class A
Species Wild Beast
Gender Unisex

Job 1

Blade Falcon SwordIcon.png

Job 1

LV 1 90
HP 377 4125
ATK 34 342
DEF 25 273
MATK 11 110
MDEF 17 186
LV 1
Skill icon 28.png Megasword, 50%
[Pincer: Inflict x1 sword damage.]
LV 15
Skill icon 03.png Attack +10%, Equip
[Passive: Boost ATK by 10%.]
LV 30
Skill icon 05.png Counterattack, 30%
[Counter: Inflict x1.5 character-weapon damage.]
LV 50
Skill icon 28.png Swordspin, All, 30%
[Pincer: Inflict x0.3 sword damage on all enemies.]


A prominent falconer found himself ambushed by a thunderstorm one day. As night fell, he decided to console himself at his favorite tavern.

Savagely, wringing out his drenched overcoat, he took a seat and wasted no time in downing a shot of liquor. As its warmth crept up his throat, it gradually banished the day's fatigue from his body.

When he finally paused in his drinking, he cast his gaze about the tavern and noticed and unfamiliar and garrulous patron.

The stranger was telling any who would listen about a divine sword that was said to slumber somewhere in the area, sealed away since ancient times.

He loudly proclaimed that whoever found the sword could sell it for wealth far beyond what any man could spend in a lifetime.

The sleepy backwater tavern erupted with excitement.

The falconer was alarmed, for his family had served as wardens of the land and keepers of the divine sword for generations.

The next morning, he stood gazing up at a snow-crested mountain, deep in thought.

He had to protect the sword.

That power and radiance could not fall into the hands of those greedy fools.

He knew neither what power the sword possessed not why it was called legendary.

Yet he had to protect it, for that's what he had been taught all his life.

For three days the falconer trekked along a mountain ridge, an ancient map his only guide. At the end of his journey, he found a sword thrust into a massive block of ice.

Without a moment's hesitation, he stepped forward and pulled the sword free.

As he did so, the surrounding ice fractured. Cracks appeared and raced along the ground, and he realized too late that he stood not on earth but fragile ice as he felt it collapsing beneath him.

The sword's resting place overlooked a massive crevasse.

"Well done," said a voice.

It was a familiar voice. Yes. It was the voice from that night at the tavern...

This was the falconer's last thought as he plummeted into the icy arms of oblivion.

Master had become servant, for the falconer had heeded the words of a falcon.


  • Blade Falcon (Japanese: ブレイドイーグル Bureidoīguru)
  • Blade Falcon is a promotional character that can only be obtained as a limited gift code reward from "Famitsu App NO.019" or the "Kamcord Boss Bash Sweepstakes" Facebook and Twitter promotion.
    • Each gift code used to obtain this unit in-game is unique and may be used once only. This unit can only be obtained through gift codes once per account.