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Bahamut Ultra is a quest available through [Arena] > [Descent Quests]. It features the evolved form of Bahamut, Bahamut Omega, who has a chance of dropping Caladcholg. It was first made available as a limited-time event from December 19 to 29, 2014, and was later extended to January 5, 2015.

Dungeon StatisticsEdit

Bahamut Ultra
Stamina Cost: 40
Difficulty: 65
Battles: 5
SwordIcon: 0 BowIcon: 0 SpearIcon: 0 StaffIcon: 38 Skill icon 136: 0 Skill icon 137: 0
FireIcon: 14 IceIcon: 0 LightningIcon: 0 DarkIcon: 0 Skill icon 113: 0 Skill icon 114: 0

Battle 1

Bahamut Ultra 1

Battle 2

Bahamut Ultra 2

Battle 3

Bahamut Ultra 3

Battle 4

Bahamut Ultra 4

Battle 5

Bahamut Ultra 5

  • One Golden Runner StaffIcon may sometimes show up in each battle before the final battle.

Rewards Edit

  • One of the following:
    • Bahamut icon Bahamut (100%) - if Bahamut has not been recruited
    • Caladbolg Caladbolg (100%) - if Bahamut has been recruited and Caladbolg has not been obtained
    • Caladcholg Caladcholg (50%) - if Bahamut and Caladbolg have been obtained, and Caladcholg has not been obtained
    • Bahamut, +3% skill boost (30%) - if Bahamut, Caladbolg, and Caladcholg have been obtained
  • One companion (50%):
  • One random Ore (20%)
  • Suzaku icon Suzaku (0.2%) - Suzaku x7

Luck Treasure Chests Edit

Note: This is an incomplete list. Please contribute by adding missing drops.
Chest Possible Rewards
A Coins 1000 Coins, Terra Staffwood Terra Staffwood, Fire Ring Fire Ring, Ice Ring Ice Ring, Lightning Ring Lightning Ring, Dark Ring Dark Ring, White Ring White Ring, Green Ring Green Ring
B Coins 1000 Coins, Terra Staffwood Terra Staffwood, Fire Ring Fire Ring, Ice Ring Ice Ring, Lightning Ring Lightning Ring, Dark Ring Dark Ring, White Ring White Ring, Green Ring Green Ring
C Caladbolg Caladbolg, Caladcholg Caladcholg, Suzaku icon Suzaku
D Metal Ticket Metal Ticket, Fellowship Ticket Fellowship Ticket, Companion Ticket Companion Ticket
Luck 80 Bahamut icon Bahamut, Inferno Rod icon Inferno Rod, Mantle Staff icon Mantle Staff
Luck 100 Bahamut icon Bahamut, Daiana ΟⅡ icon Daiana ΟⅡ, Mantle Staff icon Mantle Staff


There are three main strategies to defeat Bahamut. They are listed by the the skill involved, and ordered from easiest to hardest. There are videos online demonstrating each of these methods.

  • Battle 5 layout: [1]

Defense -20%, Dragon Edit

This is Grace's J3-65 ability. She also should slot her Megabow, Area (1) ability (or Poison Arrows, Area (1)). With it, Bahamut Omega can be killed in 2 turns easily. There is a setup required to activate Grace's skill 4 times on the first move, and then one more activation will kill Bahamut on the second turn. To do so, all 6 squad members must be ready to pincer the 4 enemies at the bottom, with Grace being one of the characters in the bottom row. Make sure to note where Bahamut moves, so his next turn's Column attack won't kill Grace. On the second turn, pincer Bahamut Omega with Grace, and she will kill Bahamut as that is the turn when Bahamut's Defense is reduced to 0. Her Area attack will guarantee a kill. You only need one pincer here to kill Bahamut, so even if 3 characters die to Solar Wind Breath, you can still kill Bahamut.

Some video links:

  • [2] Note how Grace ends up on the bottom row, and a power point is used.
  • [3] Note how Grace was moved away from being below Bahamut.

NOTE: with update 4.0.0, stat reduction skills will no longer reduce stats below 30% of the original stats. Hence this tactic is not a viable option anymore for an instakill.

  • Therefore, Bahamut DEF can be reduced as low as 935.4 (30% of his original 3118 DEF).

Anti-Fire Capsule Edit

For each Anti-Fire Capsules chained, all party members take reduced Fire damage by 10% for five turns. This stacks additively, so two capsules will result in a 20% reduction, and five capsules will make your party 50% resistant to Fire. Up to five capsules can be on the battlefield at once, waiting to be consumed.

Three characters have this ability:

This is the standard way to kill Bahamut Omega, by following his pattern, and stacking up Anti-Fire Capsules so you can survive meteor. Additional characters that do Ice damage are recommended (Czekras, U'nasag, etc.). Also, strong physical damage dealers can work as well, but they have a higher chance to die to Meteor if not enough capsules are used. The main strategy involves killing minions, avoiding Bahamut's normal attacks, and starting many pincers every turn to create and consume capsules.

Because Bahamut clears fire resistance on the first turn, it's ideal to come into Battle 5 with 5 capsules on the board, and use them the first turn. Note that if your game crashes, and you have to continue, those 5 capsules will be gone. If you are able to deal enough damage to Bahamut as he's charging for Meteor, you can prevent him from reaching the clear Fire Resistance phase, and keep stacking capsules, which will guarantee survival. If not, you'll have to work around his resistance clears to keep trying to stack Fire resistance.

Some video links:

Magic Defense -20%, Area (1)Edit

One farmable character, Red Starwhip (RSW), has this ability at level 30. This method is very frustrating and is not recommended for most people, but if you don't have access to the above methods, this is the only way to kill Bahamut without using Energy. RSW is a very fragile C-class monster and usually will die to anything. Also, in addition to RSW, you have to have a source of ice damage (e.g. Megacell) which doesn't also do fire damage (or else Bahamut won't die). A mage is preferred, but an elemental attacker can be substituted, but you'll have to be wary of skill activations to ensure Bahamut Omega dies at the right time. A healer with revive is recommended in case RSW dies on the way to Bahamut.

The setup is a bit harder compared to Grace, since the debuff requires RSW to be next to Bahamut. After Bahamut moves, he has to be not next to a vertical wall.

  1. On your first turn, you'll want to laterally double pincer Bahamut with Red Starwhip in the lineup; in addition, you'll want to chain RSW to a third pincer with one of the adds on the screen. This gives Bahamut -60% Magic Defense and allows RSW to dodge the column attack afterwards.
  2. On the second turn, you'll want to double pincer Bahamut and chain an ice mage to kill Bahamut after RSW applies its second debuff. The order of the pincers is important, because the mage has to attack after RSW (or elemental attacker), or else it won't work. Typically this means that the mage isn't pincering Bahamut, and ideally the first pincer shouldn't involve RSW. If you're using an elemental attacker, RSW must pincer with your elemental attacker, and RSW has to be to the left (if laterally pincering) or on the bottom (if vertically pincering); and this pincer has to go second.

After five activations of RSW in two turns, Bahamut's Magic Defense will be 0, and any ice damage will cause effectively infinite damage. Before Patch 2.1.0 changed the rounding method of debuffs to favor the player[5], RSW needed to active six times for infinite damage.

Some video links:

  • [6]
    • Tiamat was brought for killing power, but wasn't included in the final pincer since Tiamat does Fire damage. They only did 5 uses of RSW, but this was before the patch changes, and had to use Regenercell + Leviathan to kill Bahamut. Those two characters are no longer necessary. This is only one section of setup required, since it depends on where Bahamut ends up. Palpa is quite helpful with Control Time.

NOTE: with update 4.0.0, stat reduction skills will no longer reduce stats below 30% of the original stats. Hence this tactic is not a viable option anymore for an instakill.

  • Therefore, Bahamut MDEF can be reduced as low as 392.1 (30% of his original 1307 MDEF).



The great beast's palace teeters on the
brink of collapse.

The rhythm pulsing faintly at the edge of
hearing grows unmistakable now.

When the Maker awakens, all will dissipate like mist.
The time has come.

Before Bahamut OmegaEdit

"Tell me, mortals--ye who perpetually
struggle, flounder, and cry out in vain--
what blessing has the Maker conferred
upon you?"

So asks the divine creature with
the ultimate name.

The answer is clear.


"Your eyes burn gloriously, O unyielding ones."

With those final words, the great beast is gone.

The sound of shattering crystal echoes
all around. Flying shards collide and rebound
in a growing symphony of shrill treble tones.

The sound reverberates from every direction
as though in a grand concert hall.

"I am here. The Maker's slumber transcends
time to serve as a gateway of dreams."


Dreams--the furthest reaches of creation,
the diffusion of the unconscious.

Dreams allow even the nebulous and
undefined to exist. They are indeed a
power and a blessing conferred by the Maker.
They give mortals purpose.

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