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Separate WaysAwakening (Story) | Strange New World

Awakening is the twentieth chapter and consists of only a single stage.

Brace yourselves. This could get ugly!
Stamina Cost: 25
Difficulty: 47
Battles: 20
XP: 209606–255513
XP/stam: 9302
Coins: 3877
SwordIcon.png: 37 BowIcon.png: 36 SpearIcon.png: 51 StaffIcon.png: 2 Skill icon 136.png: 0 Skill icon 137.png: 0
FireIcon.png: 0 IceIcon.png: 0 LightningIcon.png: 0 DarkIcon.png: 0 Skill icon 113.png: 0 Skill icon 114.png: 0

"So, it's come to this.
Well, if I'm to die too, at least I'll leave a legacy behind."

"What? What have you done?!"

"Hmph, as if I'd tell you."

"Talk about a sore loser!"

I'm detecting an abnormal level of life energy!
This much will overload our systems!"
"Which means our mother ship is..."
"Nooo! I've failed!"

"Wh-where are we?"
"Wherever it is, I don't like the looks of it."
You are now aboard the Oxsecians' ship. The rogue Oxsecians are dead.

It seems their device went berserk, leaving the emergency evacuation procedure incomplete.

The absence of your missing comrades appears to be bitter proof of that.

"You think the rest of our party could be around here somewhere?"
"I sure hope so. Let's start looking!"

But just then a piercing alarm assails your ears, and you sense a storm of bloodlust surging toward you. You've escaped the frying pan only to land in the fire!

"Brace yourselves. This could get ugly!"

You've found the room you were looking for.
The princess races over to your abducted comrades to see if they're all right.

"You've nothing to be sorry for. But are you all right? You all look a bit green."
"It's something about this room. I feel so...tired."

Indeed, they appear utterly exhausted.
They don't have the strength to lift their arms, let alone wield weapons.

Suddenly, the ground rocks violently with a deep rumble.

"Something's coming!"

"Stand back! We'll handle this!"

Meanwhile, on the ship's bridge...

"They are dangerous. Their life energy levels far exceed anything we expected."
"True, but we have that to thank for the ability to charge up our antimatter cannon so swiftly."
"They shall be annihilated by their own life energy. The epitome of irony, is it not?"
"Ha ha ha ha ha."

The fire control officer gives the signal.

"Life energy exchange sequence complete."
"Antimatter cannon ready to fire."

A massive turret rises up to strike.
It pulses with a regular, rhythmic sound-- like a heartbeat.

"Return them to the Animata 3."
"Yes, sir!"
"It's showtime!"

Your party is enveloped in shimmering light.
The next thing you know, you are all back aboard Animata.

"What the--! Where are we?"
"Looks like we're back on Animata."
"Everyone present and accounted for?"
"Aye, all present. But...what is that?!"

"Energy charge 130%."
"Angle of fire, check!"
"Field of view clear. Fire control system normal. Firing sequence all green."
"Main gun ready to fire!"

"Target, Animata 3. Antimatter cannon...




"I...I yet live?"

Pepropé regains consciousness.
Sensing danger, Animata has transferred control of the ship over to him.

"I am but a slave. I am not to become master?
What does the Maker wish of me?"

Animata does not reply directly.
Instead, she conveys a message via a nervous system link.


"If such is your will... I will gladly do as I see fit, Animata!"

The Oxsecians' onslaught is utterly savage.
Though Animata takes evasive action, half the ship is shattered.

"We can't withstand much more of this!"

But Pepropé, newly awakened, takes further evasive maneuvers, fighting to keep Animata intact and airborne.

While Animata's life support systems suffer minimal impact, her drive system and main thrusters are heavily damaged, rendering the ship unnavigable..

Caught in the gravity field of a nearby planet, she plunges helplessly toward its surface.

"Where were we hit? Damn these unresponsive controls! Princess...

I pray you come out of this alive."

Snared by gravity,
Animata hurtles ever faster toward the planet's surface.

As atmospheric friction heats the hull to unbearable temperatures, Pepropé loses himself in thoughts of Princess Palpa amidst waning consciousness.

The ship makes a crash landing on the alien planet.

Experience Table

Floor maximum EXP max. EXP accumulated
1 11,134 11,134
2 9,056 20,190
3 8,907 29,097
4 7,399 36,496
5 41,569 78,065
6 9,192 87,257
7 9,651 96,908
8 11,444 108,352
9 9,651 118,003
10 12,064 130,067
11 11,742 141,809
12 11,444 153,253
13 9,354 162,607
14 11,543 174,150
15 11,494 185,644
16 21,526 207,170
17 9,924 217,094
18 14,030 231,124
19 9,490 240,614
20 14,402 255,016