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Some characters and enemies have attributes that play an important role in battle.

There are ten main attributes:

There is also one attribute that is only found in skills:


Eight of the attributes are also categorized as elements. Each element has an opposing element that it does double damage against. This increased damage applies to both sides of the opposition, and applies to both player and enemy units.

  • FireIcon.png Fire opposes IceIcon.png Ice.
  • LightningIcon.png Lightning opposes DarkIcon.png Darkness.
  • Skill icon 136.png Solar opposes Skill icon 137.png Lunar.
    • Skill icon 136.png Solar is strong against IceIcon.png Ice.
    • Skill icon 137.png Lunar is strong against FireIcon.png Fire.
  • Skill icon 113.png Photon opposes Skill icon 114.png Graviton.
    • Skill icon 113.png Photon is strong against DarkIcon.png Darkness.
    • Skill icon 114.png Graviton is strong against LightningIcon.png Lightning.

All elemental skills use the Magic Attack stat to calculate damage. The element of the skill is taken into account when dealing damage, and the element of the unit is used when receiving damage.


Regen Icon.png Healing and Remedy icon.png Remedy are support attributes. They do not have any advantages or weaknesses against other attributes.


Skill icon 98.png Non-elemental magic is considered to be a separate type of damaging magic. It has no strengths or weaknesses against other elements. While non-elemental skills exist, unlike the other attributes, there are no non-elemental characters. Characters that use non-elemental skills tend to be Staff types with no attribute.


  • Starting in Chapter 21, enemies have very high resistance against matching elemental attacks.
  • Starting in Chapter 26, enemies absorb damage and heal from matching elemental attacks.
  • In version 2.7.0, elemental weapon skills were changed so that they also dealt additional physical damage. The elemental damage remained the same. This includes skills that end with "Blade", "Strike", or "Arrows".
    • With this change, skills such as "Fire Arrows" deals 1x MATK and 0.5x ATK damage, "Inferno Arrows" deals 2x MATK and 0.7x ATK damage, and "Solar Wind Arrows" deals 3x MATK and 0.9x ATK damage.
    • Physical damage dealt from these skills are also affected by Circle of Carnage.
  • Photon and Graviton were added in Version 4.0.0.
  • Sun and Moon were added in Version 4.8.0.

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