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This page is about the recruitable character. For the enemy, see Amimari (Enemy).
Class SS
Species Beastfolk
Gender Female
Artist Kimihiko Fujisaka

Job 1

Amimari the Nurse StaffIcon.pngRegen Icon.png

Job 1

LV 1 90
HP 364 3339
ATK 22 201
DEF 22 201
MATK 41 376
MDEF 35 321
LV 1
Skill icon 01.png Mega Heal, Chain, 100%
[Chain: Heal with power 2 (cap 700).]
LV 15
Skill icon 26.png Magic Defense +10%, Self, 30%
[Chain: Boost MDEF by 10% for 2 turns.]
LV 35
Skill icon 54.png Petrification Guard, Equip
[Passive: +50% resistance to petrification.]
LV 65
Skill icon 94.png Heal x1.5, All, 30%
[Chain: Increase healing by x1.5 for all allies for 2 turns.]

Job 2

Amimari the Medic SwordIcon.png

Job 2

LV 1 90
HP 428 3926
ATK 35 321
DEF 32 293
MATK 20 183
MDEF 22 201
LV 1
Skill icon 28.png Megasword, 50%
[Pincer: Inflict x1 sword damage.]
LV 15
Skill icon 04.png Defense +10%, Equip
[Passive: Boost DEF by 10%.]
LV 35
Skill icon 28.png Leeching Blade, 30%
[Pincer: Inflict x2 magical damage and absorb HP (cap 700).]
LV 65
Skill icon 28.png Gigasword, 40%
[Pincer: Inflict x2 sword damage.]
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Job 3

Amimari the Saint StaffIcon.pngRegen Icon.png

Job 3

LV 1 90
HP 484 4439
ATK 32 293
DEF 30 275
MATK 47 431
MDEF 41 376
LV 1
Skill icon 22.png HP +10%, Equip
[Passive: Boost HP by 10%.]
LV 15
Skill icon 68.png Control Time +2 Sec, Equip
[Passive: Extends this unit's move timer by 2 seconds.]
LV 35
Skill icon 01.png Tera Heal, Chain, 80%
[Chain: Heal with power 3 (cap 2500).]
LV 65
Skill icon 02.png Major Ally Revival, Equip
[Passive: Revive a defeated ally with 50% HP when starting a new floor.]
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The Nurse

Amimari is a nurse.

The thrifty beastwoman still wears the same uniform purchased with her first month's wages. Although it no longer fits, she says she doesn't mind because her retirement fund is a bigger concern.

The beautifully arranged box lunches she makes in her spare time are said to have transcended mere hobby to reach the level of art.

The Medic

Though she appears young, Amimari has suffered through much in life. Because she has no family to rely on, she's more focused on survival than learning and has never had the chance to enjoy her youth like her peers.

She is sustained solely by the promise she made at the behest of her dying mother:

"Live for the sake of others."

Those words and her mother's voice remain vivd in her memory to this day.

The Saint

She perpetuates her mother's love by never harboring grudges toward anyone. "Love thy neighbor and forgive the trespasses of others" are the words she lives by.

She believes this is important as a therapist, which she considers her calling.

However, she is occasionally haunted by nightmares about an unscrupulous lawyer who framed her father and drove her family to ruin.

Her father died of shame and grief, and her heartbroken mother fell ill and soon followed.

Rumor has it, however, that that lawyer has since met his downfall at the hands of certain children.

Amimari still has her whole life ahead of her. Today, too, she'll bring her patients comfort through her care, including the lunches her mother taught her to make with love.

With Rikken

After Chapter 16
Rikken icon.png

In one of the starship's narrow corridors, Amimari accidently bumped into Rikken.

"Oops... Sorry about that, Rikken."

As she tried to calm Rikken, who was ranting on and on about people not watching where they were going, her eyes strayed to Rikken's notebook. It had fallen open, and Amimari could see one of its densely written pages.

"Ah!" Something therein gave Amimari a start.

The notebook was entitled "Kills," and it was a record of all the names of people she had utterly defeated and destroyed publicly with her silvery tongue.

Amimari's eyes were glued to the notebook, as if she could not look away. Then tears started streaming from her eyes.

"Thank you," she said.

But Rikken knew not what her thanks was for.


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