Terra Battle Wiki

Add Jobs is a character strengthening mechanic. Jobs are added via the Tavern by spending items and coins.

The items and coins required to add the next job are shown when attempting to add the job. Jobs must be added in order; you cannot add Job 3 without first adding Job 2.

What do I gain from adding a job?

  • New art for the character is unlocked
  • New profile information is unlocked
  • New set of skills is available (usually unlocked at level 1, 15, 35, 65)
  • The second and third jobs usually have better stats.

The new job starts off at level 1; previous jobs retain their levels.

You can switch between jobs any time outside of battle by going to the Status menu for the character.

Skill Slots

Characters start with 1 blank skill slot. Each time the character reaches job level 20, a new skill slot opens to equip unlocked abilities from other jobs. Between the 3 jobs, this means each character can have up to 4 skill slots.

Skill slots are used to equip skills from other jobs; characters can have up to 8 skills for use in battle. The skill does not need to be unlocked in order to equip it, but the skill will not activate in battle until it is unlocked. Skills do not need to match the weapon type or element of the current job in order to be equipped.