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8-Bit Rush is a quest where players can obtain special companions and trading items. It is available from [Arena] > [Special Quests].

The Special Quest 8-Bit Rush consists of 6 battles in total. In each battle, you'll fight a boss stronger than the last!

Win the battles by defeating all enemies. You can earn Buddies this way, so try to clear all the battles, and be sure to heal up as you go along!

— In-game tip


Stamina Cost: 15
Difficulty: 15
Battles: 6
SwordIcon.png: 1 BowIcon.png: 1 SpearIcon.png: 1 StaffIcon.png: 2 Skill icon 136.png: 0 Skill icon 137.png: 0
FireIcon.png: 0 IceIcon.png: 0 LightningIcon.png: 0 DarkIcon.png: 0 Skill icon 113.png: 0 Skill icon 114.png: 0

In-game hint: No continues. In this quest, the battle is over once everyone is defeated.



  • Axion Breath icon.png Axion Breath (100%, if less than 2 owned)
  • Holy Breath icon.png Holy Breath (100%, if less than 2 owned)
  • The Ancient Key icon.png The Ancient Key (100%, if less than 2 owned)
  • Amount of Animata Core:
    • Battle 1: 20-30
    • Battle 2: 90-100
    • Battle 3: 100-110
    • Battle 4: 110-120
    • Battle 5: 110-120
    • Battle 6: 150-160


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